Venza and Luke Black release new single “Seek & Hide”

Not that long ago, we got a chance to interview the new, up-and-coming star Luke Black, who had nothing but praise for the Spanish music producer Venza.

The two formed a connection almost immediately after they met, and it wasn’t long before they started working together. Their first project was Luke’s single “Demons” (which we’re still jamming to), and now they’re back with “Seek & Hide”.

When we first talked to Luke, he said:

I think we’ll do great things in the future and I think we have an amazing musical connection. Venza is very hard working and I have to say he blew my mind with each idea he had.

We’re guessing that one of the mind-blowing ideas was related to “Seek & Hide”, and after listening to the song and seeing the video, we have to agree.

The concept for the video is simple, but meaningful nevertheless. It was filmed by Marianna Santikou in the streets of Athens. Much like the song, the video shows a story of friendship.

Speaking about “Seek & Hide”, Venza revealed:

“For “Seek & Hide” I wanted a certain level of energy and summer vibes, embedded in a melody. I wanted something nice, but something for clubs and festivals at the same time. This song is the result of that. The text and vocals are amazing from the very beginning. This isn’t just a song to Luke and I, we wanted to tell you the an entire story”

Luke also spoke out about “Seek & Hide”, talking about how he reacted to the song and writing the lyrics:

“When I first got the recording of the song from Venza I felt nostalgic and decided to transform that emotion to the lyrics of the song. I wrote it from the perspective of a best friend, about someone who’s always there for you regardless of the problems you may face while running away from growing up. Venza and I became good friends while we made this song and friendship is exactly what the song is about”

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Written by Azra

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