Ward Thomas Release Groundbreaking Interactive Video for New Single ‘Material’

The interactive video is for their new single ‘Material’

UK record breaking country duo Ward Thomas have today unveiled their groundbreaking interactive video to the world. The stunning visual is in support of the 23-year-old twin sister’s upcoming single ‘Material’ which is the fifth track to be officially lifted off their huge 2016 number 1 album ‘Cartwheels‘.

The video for ‘Material’ is totally interactive and allows the duo’s fans to play around with their stunning harmonies. Fans can choose between listening to Ward Thomas singing together or to Catherine and Lizzy separately. You can mix and match all the way throughout the video making for a brilliantly unique music video.

The clip which includes stunning visuals that skip between cartoons and live action really allows listeners the opportunity to explore the girls’ vocal talents. By allowing people to listen to their voices individually they have shown the world that their vocals sound incredible on their own and then when you merge them for their stunning harmonies we are able to appreciate just how talented these singer’s are.

During the clip we are also treated to a little mash-up of ‘Material’ and the massive ‘Carry You Home‘ which was the first single to be released off ‘Cartwheels’.

You can watch the interactive video for Ward Thomas’ new single ‘Material’ via the bands official website.

‘Material’ will be officially released on the 16th of June! Tickets for Ward Thomas’ 22-date UK tour are on sale now.

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