YouTuber 101: Jack Maynard

Here is your go-to guide for everything you need to know about Jack Maynard.

When is his birthday?

23rd November, 1994.

What is his most popular video?

Jack’s most popular video is a collaboration with Joe Sugg titled ‘Real Would You Rather.’

What else do I need to know about Jack Maynard?

Since starting his new YouTube channel in 2015, Jack has quickly gathered over 700,000 subscribers and 42 million views in only one year. His content consists of challenges and comedy videos featuring a bunch of his friends. Jack lives in London with fellow YouTuber Josh Pieters and his pop star brother Conor Maynard. Jack often hosts a show on Capital FM alongside his brother.

What are his social media links?

Main YouTube Channel

Vlogging Channel





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Written by Ellie

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