YouTuber of the Week: Good Mythical Morning-Rhett and Link

Here at CelebMix a new week calls for a new YouTuber of the Week. This is a weekly feature where we introduce some of our favorite YouTubers. We’ll fill you in on who they are, why you should be watching them, and some of their best videos. Last week we featured the lovely and incredibly funny Emma Blackery. This week we bring to you our favorite mythical internetainers, Rhett and Link from Good Mythical Morning.

Who are Rhett and Link?

Rhett and Link are lifelong best friends and YouTube comedy sensations. In 2008 they released their documentary Looking for Ms. Locklear where they go on a mission searching for their first-grade teacher, whose class they met each other in for the very first time. Their search is done simply with word of mouth, no phones or internet is used in their search. They now run several YouTube channels that include, Good Mythical Morning (11,56,570 subscribers) their daily morning talk-show type channel, Rhett and Link, which includes ‘funny music videos, sketches and ridiculous local commercials’. They also run Good Mythical More which is described as ‘the show after the show’ and EXTRAS-Rhett and Link.

The duo recently started a YouTube red serious called Buddy System.

Why should you watch their videos?

The answer is simple, there is something for everyone. They talk, they laugh, they do crazy things there is something everyone will enjoy watching.They share their real life experiences, do crazy tasks and challenges, and chatting about the craziest, funniest and oddest things in the world. Their ‘Will It?’ videos are a guaranteed laugh, with their crazy food mashups and asking the age old question…will it?

We have compiled a list of our 5 favorite must-watch Good Mythical Morning videos.

1. Will It Deep Fry?

There is a reason this is their most popular ‘Will It’ video, they deep fry eggs, lemons, and even sunglasses. With 18,586,705 views, this is their 5th most watched video on GMM.

2. Rhett and Link Get Waxed

We think this one speaks for itself.


Arguably some of their best videos come from them talking about life, and sharing stories of their past. The Omega story is something you can sit down with a cup of coffee, a blanket and travel back in time with the pair. As a part of the Good Morning Chia Lincoln era, once you watch this video, there is no doubt you will watch them all.

4. Speech Jammer Prank Call Challenge

Although this one is quite new, this one is now near the top of our list of favorite videos. From start to finish this video will have you laughing uncontrollably. The speech jammer is a set of headphones that playback what you say at just a slight delay, and in doing so messes up your ability to talk, or at least talk well.

5. Blind Burger Challenge

Rhett and Link go head to head to see which of them has the best knowledge of fast food burgers. They taste test 5 burgers and see if they can match the burger to the correct restaurant and then have 2 Frankenburger rounds to really test their burger tasting skills.

Well, there you have it out 5 favorite Good Mythical Morning videos. Although these are our top five, we love every video on their channel. There is no doubt that Rhett and Link have mastered the art of YouTube and have became master internetainers.

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We want to say thank you to Rhett, Link and the whole mythical crew for all the laughs throughout the years, and can’t wait to watch everything you do in the future.

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Written by Amber Nordberg

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