YouTuber of the Week: Siena Mirabella

A new week has rolled around and it’s time to award another YouTuber with CelebMix’s YouTuber of the Week title. This week, we crown Siena Mirabella!

Who is Siena Mirabella?

Beauty and lifestyle videos have dominated the YouTube scene over the past five years, and 18-year-old Siena’s channel is no exception to this pattern. Although her content has changed over recent years – as she as matured, so have her videos – her quick-witted sense of humour and natural ability in front of the camera means she attracts a large audience; she has just under 1.2 million subscribers. Since starting YouTube over four years ago, she has built up a collection of videos including the much-loved room tours, morning and night routines and clothing hauls.

5 BeautyBySiena videos you need to watch

1. My Night Routine

As her most popular video to date, this is definitely a must-see!

2. How to be a Morning Person

Advice we all need, put into a short and sweet video.

3. Back to School: Supplies Haul and Giveaway

Going back to school after the holidays is never fun, but Siena’s collection of aesthetically-pleasing supplies makes it that little bit easier.

4. Room Tour 2015

Everyone knows seeing snippets of YouTuber’s rooms is never enough, and it’s practically heaven when they finally provide us with a room tour. Cue the heart eyes.

5. Prom 2015; Hair, Makeup & Dress

Siena gives a tutorial on how she did her prom makeup and shows her absolutely stunning dress.

Visit Siena’s channel here, and don’t forget to subscribe! Also, make sure you check back in seven days time to check who we crown our next YouTuber of the Week!

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Written by CelebMix