YouTuber Of The Week: Lucy Moon

This week we are awarding Lucy Moon (known on Youtube as me0witslucy) as our YouTuber of the Week.

Lucy began her YouTube journey way back in 2010 with a lot of silent films that covered mental disorders and how it feels to be silently suffering from them. Lucy has continued talking about things that may be deemed as ‘taboo’ through her videos for the past six years.

YouTuber Of The Week: Lucy Moon (Katrina) 3


Why You Should Watch Lucy’s videos 

There is something for everyone on her channel which is one of the main reasons we’ve been obsessed with Lucy. She has done videos which open up about her mental state during University, she has a 148 hours weekly vlog series and is also a part of a Banging Book Club podcast with two other YouTubers – Hannah Witton and Leena from justkissmyfrog where they read a book a month and review it. Personally, Lucy is someone that is very relatable, whenever you catch yourself watching her videos it seems like you’re just catching up with a friend. Here are a list of a few of my favorite videos from her:

Our Top Five Lucy Moon Videos

My Sister Has ADHD 

This video is about Lucy’s sister, Rowan’s diagnosis of ADHD at seven years old and through Rowan’s voiceover she speaks on how ADHD feels from the reality of someone living with it.

Body Image And Feminism 

Since the beginning Lucy has been very transparent about her thoughts on feminism and body image. This video right here is a perfect one to watch to see how raw Lucy gets with her audience about her feelings around topics that are very ‘taboo’ to talk about.

Reflecting On My University Experience 

This video is all about Lucy’s struggles and successes through university. This is a video that can resonate with you, whether you’re going into University, have gone through it or are not going to at all. Lucy talks about all the ups and downs and what she has learned to move forward.

Albums That Make You Feel Like A Female Powerhouse

There is never a bad time to make a collective female empowering playlist and that is exactly what Lucy did in this video – this isn’t the only video where she touches on music but this is our favourite playlist of hers.


168 Hours

There are 168 hours in a week, that is seven days filled with all the time in the world to do whatever may excite you and that is what Lucy does in this series – she takes you through her week with little snippets and it’s one of our favorite things about her channel.

We hope you check out Lucy Moon’s work and if you’re already an avid watcher let us know what your favorite video is, tweet us @CelebMix!

Written by CelebMix