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Zara Larsson Drops New Track and It’s Just So Good

Swedish pop princess and singer extraordinaire, Zara Larsson, has come back today to grace us with her music. After releasing two extremely successful tracks over the last couple of months, achieving her highest chart position in the UK ever, receiving a double Platinum certification for her single “Lush Life” in said country, and overall having a pretty great last year, the singer is now offering us another close look at what her international debut album will look and sound like.

The new offering is called “So Good” and features American rapper Ty Dolla $ign in a guest verse. The new track is, well, so good. As expected, if we are being honest here. Zara Larsson seems to have a way of turning every song into pure pop bliss.

In a stark contrast to her previous singles, “So Good” is not a party-ready happy-go-lucky banger though but pretty laid-back. The whole thing has a chilled vibe to it, reminiscent of early 2000’s R&B tracks. It’s therefore no wonder that she chose to include Ty Dolla $ign in it whose smooth voice blends perfectly into the rest of the song.

The track itself talks about how Zara is meeting a guy and telling him that her love is, you may have guessed it, just so good and that it’s “more potent than anything in the cup [he’s] holding”. Ty Dolla $ign provides the male perspective.

The singer also shot a video for the track during the last couple of weeks and will release it as soon as possible.

If you want to listen to the song for yourself, we included the link below.

“So Good” arrives as the second lead single taken from Zara’s highly anticipated first international debut album. She worked on it over the last year. The record’s title and release date remain unknown. She promised that it is coming this year, though, after mentioning that it will follow the debut of “So Good”.

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