Zayn Hosts Mini Q&A on Twitter

Always one to take the time to interact with his fans, Zayn took to Twitter Wednesday afternoon to ask fans which song off Mind of Mine were their favorites.

The responses flooded in by the thousands as fans tweeted in using #favouritemomsong, and the hashtag ended up trending worldwide! Zayn favorited a few tweets saying which song were fan favorites, but also took the time to answer a few questions.

One user wanted to know if the track lUcOzAdE was freestyled. He answered in what we’re assuming is the affirmative and tweeted that the song was recorded in just one take.

Zayn Hosts Mini Q&A on Twitter 1

He answered only a few questions, but we’re grateful at any look inside of Zayn’s mind, honestly! You can take a look at the tweets below.

Zayn Hosts Mini Q&A on Twitter 2

Zayn Hosts Mini Q&A on Twitter 3

Zayn Hosts Mini Q&A on Twitter 4

Someone eventually asked the question that is on all of our minds and asked which song was Zayn’s favorite. The singer gave a cheeky little response and quoted the tweet with a few contemplative emojis.

Zayn Hosts Mini Q&A on Twitter 5

It’s obvious that Zayn really cares for his fans. Before the release of his album, he surprised us all by hosting a makeshift listening party via Periscope. He played a few previously unheard tunes and answered a few of our questions. Fans were even more surprised when he showed up to an actual listening party in New York. He took aside fans in small groups and took the time to chat about the album and get some feedback. Fan-artist interaction is great, but no one does it quite like Zayn.

We’ve said this a million times over, and we’ll keep saying it until we’re blue in the face: we’re incredibly proud of Zayn. He is constantly surprising us in the best of ways. His album is full of raw emotion and talent, and we’re incredibly grateful that he chose to share that genius with us.

If you’ve yet to purchase Mind of Mine, you can do so here.

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Written by CelebMix