10 5SOS Fans You Should Follow

Pop-punk band 5 Seconds of Summer, recently reached 9 million followers on Twitter! And with as large of a following as the boys have, it’s evident to see the loads of dedicated fans.

We understand that there are many fan accounts who rack up substantial and fun information on the band, so much so that it can be hard to know who to follow – but DON’T worry! We’re here to help!

From updates, to themed accounts, to basic fan accounts, here are ten of our favorite 5SOS Twitter fan accounts. 

10. @Tha5SOSFamily

10 5SOS Fan Accounts You Must Follow 1

Let’s be honest, it can be difficult to stay consistently updated when it comes to fandoms, but this account is sure to keep you right on track with 5SOS. They aren’t afraid to speak out on important topics or to even speak their own opinion. And if a new track needs promoting, they’re on it! So if you’re looking for an account that will keep you updated on album sales, concerts, tours, and the band itself, be sure to follow @Tha5SOSFamily!


9. @allyemx

German YouTuber, Alycia Marie, is a huge 5SOS fan who does her best of not getting involved in any fandom drama. She even proposed the idea that we tweet the turtle emoji instead of tweeting negative things. Alycia covered the 5SOS tune Waste The Night and created an amazing mash-up of the band’s second album, Sounds Good Feels Good. Drama free and everything musical? Sounds like the right person to follow!


8. @Luke5SOSloljoke


If you’re looking for an account that helps you in staying positive when it comes to getting your faves to follow, then @Luke5SOSloljoke is the perfect guy! He’s one of the few male 5SOS fans and he’s proud of it. He’s brilliant when it comes to promoting the band’s new music, as well as helping out with votes. With tweets that undoubtedly will keep you motivated, Jack is definitely one of our favorite 5SOS fans!


7. @oldtweetsof5sos

Let’s face it – 5SOS are dorks. They’ve tweeted so many iconic tweets over the past four years that it can be a bit hard to remember them all. But don’t stress, @oldtweetsof5sos is here to remind you of all the ridiculous things the boys have tweeted! There will be laughs, there will be tears, but you won’t regret following this account!


6. @BellaAshlynn

10 5SOS Fans You Should Follow 1

She may get an unfair amount of hate, but Bella Ashlynn is a strong and empowering woman who is never afraid to speak her mind. Bella knows just how to keep the fandom from exploding when there’s unnecessary drama. Her relatable tweets portray that she shares the same love-hate feeling we all have for 5SOS and without hesitation, will make you smile!


5. @singsongash

10 5SOS Fan Accounts You Must Follow 2

Ashley Royer is a sweet, chill, and talented 5SOS fan who has the most amusing of tweets. In addition to being a published author, Ashley also has her own YouTube channel where she uploads covers and videos of her concert experiences – amongst other things. Her book Remember To Forget, was originally posted on WattPad as a 5 Seconds of Summer fan-fiction, but was published earlier this year. We find the book to be a must read for 5SOS fans and all young adults, as it teaches various important life lessons.


4. @If5SOSHadKids

Ever wondered what it would be like if the 5SOS boys had kids? It’d definitely be an interesting thing to see, which is why @If5SOSHadKids is one of our favorite 5SOS fan accounts!


3. @colliscool

10 5SOS Fan Accounts You Must Follow 3Colleen Kelly may not have as much cool as she claims, but she can definitely relate to 5SOS fans more than anyone else! Her tweets and YouTube videos remind us all that being a fangirl can totally be a little cool. Sometimes.


2. @stainedhearts

10 5SOS Fan Accounts You Must Follow 4
Empowering and positive, Sammy Lent is definitely one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Her tweets and videos will make your day and remind you to stay positive always. Sammy is every 5SOS fan’s favorite Luke girl and everyone’s favorite person.


1. @CaseyMoreta

10 5SOS Fans You Should Follow 4

Let’s be honest – the lead guitarist of Hey Violet, Casey Moreta, is without a doubt 5SOS’s #1 fan. His love for the band – especially guitarist, Michael Clifford – is undeniable. They’ve tweeted each other back and forth countless times and we are so jealous of their friendship. Drummer Nia Lovelis, has also revealed that Casey stopped band practice early just to watch the 5SOS boys perform on live television!

10 5SOS Fan Accounts You Should Follow 1

With so many beautiful fans, it’s clear to see that the 5SOS family is one of a kind! Be sure to follow our 5SOS account @CelebMix5SOS and let us know which 5SOS fan account is your favorite.

Written by CelebMix