10 Acts of Kindness in Response to the Orlando Shooting

After any tragic event it is only natural for people to come together, whether it is to mourn the loss of a friend or to give other people support, it is human nature to mend what is broken. The world was devastated after 49 men and women were killed in the nightclub shooting in Orlando. However, many people refused to let their sadness consume them. Instead, people are committing acts of kindness and showing that the victims of the shooting will be forever remembered.

  1. #ProudToBe is a campaign created by YouTube to celebrate identity. By using the hashtag #ProudToBe in your YouTube video title, your video will be featured on the Spotlight page along with thousands of other videos from the entire nation. YouTube says that their site is “a place anyone can belong no matter who they are or who they love”. YouTube is supporting the LGBTQ+ community by showing the power of unanimity, the power of pride, and the power of love. Just check out the video below.

  1. Broadway is showing their support for Orlando in the most beautiful way. Through music. Broadway performers such as Sean Hayes, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Audra McDonald, Whoopi Goldberg, Chita Rivera, Sara Bareilles, Idina Menzel, and more came together to record a cover of the 1965 hit, “What The World Needs Now”. As a result of performing the song last night (June 21st) on NBC’s Maya & Marty, the song went straight to the #1 spot on iTunes. The amazing piece of music is the perfect remedy for the healing community of Orlando and also for many other people affected by the shooting around the world.


  1. Rachel Platten will show her remembrance for the Orlando victims by performing a tribute in honor of them at the Trailblazer Honors, on Saturday June 25th. The award show will be in honor of those affected by the Orlando shooting and will also feature many other messages and performances by celebrities in addition to Platten’s performance.

  2. SinfulColors has released a nail polish line in honor of LGBTQ+ pride month. The line features 8 shades that capture the power of love and also the power of pride. In addition to the nail polish collection, SinfulColors is donating $15,000 to the Trevor Project. The Trevor Project is a program that provides  support and advice to LGBTQ+ youths through crisis and suicide prevention. Each fun colored bottle is $1.99 and is now available to purchase at any local drug store.

Acts of Kindness in Response to the Orlando Shooting 1

  1. Hundreds of people were lined up outside Stigma Tattoo and Bar, in Orlando, after the Pulse nightclub shooting. Why? Each an every person was there to get a tattoo in honor of the Orlando victims. The tattoo parlor was offering a special deal where you could get a tattoo for $50. That money would then be donated to the victim’s families. People were getting tattoos of the word “Pulse” or even a heart with the word “Orlando” in the center. The small business was not expecting such a huge turnout. Consequently, they were forced to bring in even more staff members to help. In conclusion, each and every person left that tattoo shop with a huge smile, knowing they were able to help.

6. Yankee Stadium gave their condolences for Orlando by holding a pre-game ceremony in honor of the victims. They placed a rainbow wreath over home plate and they also showed the names of the 49 victims on the scoreboard. During the Star Spangled Banner, the choir repeated and blended the lyric “O’er the land” so it sounded like they were singing the first two syllables of Orlando. In addition to the ceremony, staff members of the Yankees wore OrlandoUnited t-shirts during the game. (Photo below by Julie Jacobson)

Acts of Kindness in Response to the Orlando Shooting 27. According to the Orlando Sentinel, six-year old Madison Lindsay has made over 50 cards and is giving these cards to police officers, advocates at an LGBT center, and to victim’s loved ones. Her mother says that most of the cards say “Orlando Strong” and one card says “Unity”. At such a young age, it is amazing to see that Madison is making such a huge difference in her community. (Picture below of Madison from the Orlando Sentinel)

Acts of Kindness in Response to the Orlando Shooting 1

  1. Thousands of people came together, a couple days after the shooting, in order to donate blood. Even though the act of kindness is so small, that blood donation determines whether or not someone lives or dies. Furthermore, many blood donation centers even broke their own records for the most blood donated in one day.

  2. In Orlando, the residents are making a huge difference in their own community. Neighbors, friends, and families are traveling around town giving out food, water, and supplies to the people affected by the shooting. In addition, some people are even opening up there homes for people who are in need of a place to stay or who are in need of some love and support.

  3. Many different cities around the world came together to remember Orlando victims by lighting up the town. For many nights after the tragedy, landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, St. George’s Hall, Sydney Harbor Bridge, Mexico’s Foreign Affairs building, and the World Trade Center, were lit up in rainbow colors. In such a dark time, the lights represent that the LGBTQ+ community is still shining through the sadness.

Acts of Kindness in Response to the Orlando Shooting 3

It is truly phenomenal to see the amount of support for the victims of Orlando. These acts of kindness and remembrance prove that the LGBTQ+ community is not alone. Most of all, the LGBTQ+ community is stronger than ever.

No matter what you identify by, every person on this earth is human. Every human deserves the right to be who they want to be and every human holds the right to love. Love is love and love always wins.

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Written by CelebMix