10 Best Halloween Party Games for 2020

So, you have decorated your house and the costumes are sorted. You are going to make this Halloween your best ever, even though trick or treating is off the menu. How about swapping that spooky knock on your neighbour’s door for the odd socially distanced party game? While we all love an online game, there is nothing like those moments when you can be with your friends and family for some simple fun. Here we offer some of the best games for kids and bigger adult-shaped kids to enjoy.

#1 Pick your Poison NSFW Edition

Now this Halloween game is for adults rather than kids – as there is the option to turn this into a fabulous drinking game. The game box comes with a series of “would you rather…” questions that move you through the game and you are required to pick your poison. Hold onto your candy buckets people, this could certainly get messy! 

If you want to use it with your littler people, you could always concoct something ghoulish in a cauldron using only softer drinks – maybe add a bit of dry ice for theatre!

#2 Salem 1692 Board Game

If you want to learn some history while having your butt scared off by some of the spookiest true tales from time – then this game is for you. It was launched on the back of over $100,000 of kickstarter funding, so there are a host of savvy investors who saw its potential. Draw your cards and watch the story unfold before your eyes. 

If you want to really build the atmosphere, you should dim the lights, don your pointy hats and kidnap the cat from next door (joking… ) and put your souls to a spooky test.

#3 Halloween Spoon Game

This game is amazing for kids of any age – especially if you add some imagination to your creepy course. The Halloween Spoon Game is a take on the egg and spoon race from your sports’ day. You need to get the freakish eyeball to the finish line before your opponents. It seems a simple idea – but all genius ideas are. You could create the cushion bog of despair, the creepy forest of the kitchen and the terrifying cavern beneath the duvet. Anyone dropping that eyeball goes back to the start. Amazing giggles – and devilish sabotage – to be had

#4 Halloween Witch Murder Myster Party Game

Murder Mystery Games can go on a bit but this one is super easy, yet still intriguing. There are four rounds of play that will make your party night unforgettable. In each round you will be led towards the solution with 32 clue envelopes. As host, you will be given a set of instructions and a checklist to get the party started and the investigation moving…

#5 Inflatable Vampire and Coffin Cooler

Now, I appreciate that some of you would have thought this cooler would be a perfect place to store the ghoulish beers for the night. Think again… what about bobbing for apples in the coffin of a vampire… make those apples red… turn that water a dark crimson with food colouring. Get your little people to fight for the right to have the most fiendish apples in their tub.

Oh… and later… after the kids are in bed… it is a great place to keep the beers chilled.

#6 Day of the Dead Pull String Pinata

So, Halloween should be a time when that poor donkey gets a break from being bashed with a stick. However, Pinata just shouts “party” … so let’s use a skull instead to carry on that Halloween theme. This Day of the Dead Pinata is super spooky and full of sugar. Better still – rather than hitting it and destroying the beautiful design, take it in turns to pull the strings to see which one releases the goodies inside.

#7 Inflatable Spider Ring Toss Game

First, a spider is a must-used Halloween design feature. No spooky Halloween design is complete with this creepy-crawly addition. However, if you are not so fond of the arachnid, go for this super-cute inflatable spider with its fang-like smile. There is nothing at all threatening about a vampire spider… no… nothing at all… mm. 

Players win by hooking their rings on the spiders legs and those with the most points wins the prize. Simple but effective fun for all. 

#8 Late for the Sky Boo-opoly Board Game

Monopoly but with some scares… sound weird? Well, it’s Halloween – it’s meant to be.  It has all the features of Monopoly but with some spooky pieces, horrifying paper money and some fun and spooky places to land. If you are looking a quiet night with a game that will inspire some laughs and a lot of chat – then this is a great one to go for.

#9 Pin the Nose of the Pumpkin Game

So, that donkey gets a rest yet again. Donkey’s must love Halloween. The game is pretty obvious really – you have a pumpkin – you blindfold people – and then you get them to shove nose shapes into the pumpkin in vaguely the right place on the face.

#10 Carnival Games Bean Bag Toss

So, you get your 9 cans with their ghoulish faces and you pile them into a pyramid. Get your beanbag, take a few steps back, and throw. Pretty much like ten-pin bowling, the more you knock over the greater your reward should be!

Written by CelebMix