10 of Our Favourite Niall Horan Gifs

It’s no news that there’s a lot of attention on Niall right now. Well, there has always been plenty of attention on this Irish guy, but now, since he released his first solo single “This Town”, it has definitely increased a bit. More than a bit.

We decided to list our favourite gifs of Niall for you. Believe us, it was the hardest choice ever. However, we’ve eventually decided on a top ten. Here we go!

10. The crotch grab

There’s variety of gifs showing Niall’s characteristic “Better Than Words” crotch grab, but we certainly cannot abandon this.

9. The X Factor audition

If this isn’t the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen…

8. One Way or Another

Admit it, you’ve been thinking of this ever since you started reading this article.

7. Squishy face

Looks like Nialler really does love makeup, doesn’t it?

6. Blowing a kiss

Is it just us, or does he look extremely hot here? Besides looking incredibly cute, of course.

5. Sunshine

We believe that Niall is the one who bursts out laughing the most out of all One Direction members. This is one of those moments. We cannot stop staring at this gif.

4. Talk Dirty To Me

This is surely one of the most iconic parts of the 1D Day “Talk Dirty To Me” video.

3. What Makes You Beautiful

This particular gif is from the “What Makes You Beautiful” set. Cuteness overload.

2. Nialler the dancer

This one is from the This Is Us film, which is like, our favourite documentary of all times.

1. Best Song Ever

And the final one is from the “Best Song Ever” music video. The memories are just so lovely and it makes our hearts happy.

What is your favorite gif of Niall? Let us know in comments below or on Twitter (@CelebMix, @CelebMix1D)!


Written by CelebMix