10 Halloween YouTube Videos To Celebrate The Spooky Season

It’s a dark, stormy Halloween night. The trick-or-treaters have stopped coming to your door. The lights are out, and you’re bundled in a cozy blanket with a warm drink. What is there left for you to do?

Watch YouTube, of course! If you have no plans this Halloween, but still want to embrace the scary season, what better way to celebrate Halloween than watching some of your favorite YouTubers get spooky! We’ve compiled a list of 10 classic Halloween YouTube specials, guaranteed to creep you out any time of year.

1. Lilly Singh: Michael Jackson- Thriller (High School Editon)

Lilly Singh, otherwise known as IISuperwomanII, made a clever parody of a classic Halloween song- Thriller by Michael Jackson. Set in a zombie-infested high school, Lilly plays a teacher telling her students about real-life horror stories that regularly haunt teens- from liking an old Instagram picture to forgetting to save your essay. The video also features fun zombie choreography and scarily realistic makeup, so it’s definitely worth a watch!

2. Shane Dawson: Haunted House Party! Interactive Game

This one’s an oldie, but a goodie. Shane Dawson went all out for Halloween 2007 by creating an interactive story for his viewers to participate in. The first video introduces the mysterious haunted house party that Shane was invited to and all of the strange characters he meets. Then, the viewer gets to choose what the characters do next by clicking an option onscreen, in order to solve the mystery of who’s haunting the house. Only one path leads to the end of the story, so you have to keep picking different options until you win! Laced with Shane’s trademark dirty humour and featuring appearances by some of the most popular old-school YouTubers, this is not one to miss!

3. Natalie Tran: Reverse Halloween

In this sketch, Natalie Tran explores the idea of a reverse Halloween, where typically spooky creatures such as zombies, ghosts, and witches dress up as humans for Halloween. We never imagined it would be possible for a ghost to also be an IT person, but Natalie made it all happen in this cute, funny video.

4. DanAndPhilGAMES: Spooky Week

Of course, some of the scariest videos on YouTube revolve around terrifying video games. So what better time to play them than at Halloween? For the week leading up to October 31st, Dan and Phil play a variety of scary games on their shared gaming channel- ranging from Five Nights At Freddy’s to Outlast. They post a video every day, so you can chose to spread out the spookiness or binge watch them all on Halloween night. Their reactions are always hilarious to see, especially watching Dan fall off his chair in shock!


5. Dodie Clark: Crazy Toxic Ukulele Mashup

Sporting her signature “Dead Dodie” look, Dodie treated us with a ukulele mashup of two creepy sounding songs, Toxic by Britney Spears and Crazy by Gnarls Barkley. The aesthetically pleasing Halloween background and the haunting, echoey harmonies create the perfect atmosphere for a spooky night.

6. Jack and Dean: Ghosts Aren’t Red

What would Halloween be without a little Jack and Dean humour to lighten up the spooky mood? In this sketch, Jack and Dean show up to a Halloween party dressed as ghosts- one red and one white. Follow their adventures through the party as they try to figure out whether or not they’re actual ghosts. With some social commentary sprinkled in, it’s perfect for someone who enjoys the comical side of Halloween.

7. KickThePJ: Spooky Scary Slurp

As a part of his ongoing series called Slurp, which combines a Q&A with a tea drinking fest, PJ made a special Halloween episode featuring him dressed up as a vampire, more specifically, Edward Cullen. But don’t be fooled, this is so much more than your average Q&A video! PJ put lots of effort into the background, lighting, and editing to really achieve a creepy setting for the video. He even incorporated small cutaways and a scary story at the end. Give this one a watch to really get yourself in the mood for Halloween!

8. Zoella: Halloween Baking With Joe

If you’ve watched all of these videos so far, you might be feeling pretty spooked. Sometimes, you just need to relax and watch someone bake a Halloween-themed treat, and no one does it better than Zoë and her brother Joe! Watch all the way through to see how their multi-coloured spiderweb cake comes together. Spoiler: Joe actually turns into a pumpkin halfway through the video!

9. Tomska: Bite Me (feat. Crabstickz)

In another short, Halloween-themed sketch, Chris Kendall, also known as Crabstickz, has been bitten by a zombie. Find out what lengths him and his friend Tom will go to in order to avoid Chris turning into a zombie. With fast-paced comedy and a clever plot twist at the end, it’s another fun tribute to the spooky season!

10. Ryan Higa: The Last Skitzo!

To round off the list, we have an extremely well-produced video by Ryan Higa. As an installment of his popular series Skitzo, Ryan plays 6 different characters. As they prepare for a Halloween party, one of them is suspiciously murdered, found with a rhyming clue left for the group to solve. With a clever, hilarious plot line, and a twist you won’t see coming, Ryan really outdid himself to make an epic, 30-minute long Halloween special.

There you have it! Ten YouTube videos to keep you equal parts entertained and spooked on Halloween night. Don’t forget to check out the other spooky articles we’ve written to celebrate the Halloween season.

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.