10 Legit Ways to Earn Extra Money

It might not be enough that you have a full-time job, especially if you live in an area where the cost of living is high. Again, not everyone has a permanent job or enjoys a secure job role. Hence, in such circumstances, it might be wise to use one’s free time, talents, and available resources to make extra money. Thanks to a booming online industry that serves different sectors, you can explore several legitimate ways to earn money during your free time.

Take on micro-jobs or offer professional services

Today there are several platforms that offer opportunities for people to use their expertise or time to offer services and make money. It could be micro-jobs that pay cents or a few dollars on a platform such as Mechanical Turk, or it could be established websites such as UpWork or 99Designs through which one can offer professional services. Hence, as per the time you have available or the kind of expertise you have, you can register with such websites and offer your services as a freelancer. 


This is one of the popular online endeavours of many. Though it is an exhaustive endeavour to build readership and gain exposure to your blog, once momentum is reached, it becomes easier. Once a blog is done right and is on a trending product, service or idea, you can get marketing ads and sponsors that can turn your blog into a lucrative venture. It might take a year to build on a successful blog, but by that time, you can be earning thousands of dollars or more from such an online venture. 

Email marketing

This is one of the oldest business endeavours that started online. When it is done right, and for a product or service that is lucrative and has much demand, it can help bring in revenue for anyone who carries it through. However, the email marketing list has to be done right, consisting of people who have shown interest, have provided their contact details or are a subscriber of certain service. With such a list, email marketing is more successful as compared to simply emailing people out of the blue. 

Selling handcrafted products online 

This can be done in different ways. Etsy is a popular platform that many consider when it comes to selling products they make themselves. Those who are good in creating handcrafted items can consider setting up shop on this platform. Shopify is another platform that allows one to build their own store. It allows users to build transactional websites easily, and you can have an online store set up and running within hours or even minutes.

Play online casino games

Online casino games are great sources of entertainment and relaxation, especially if you have some money to wager on. Most gambling portals have free online slots on offers and bonuses that act as added incentives for players.

This is another lucrative online business option. With the gambling industry becoming popular and profitable over the years, it is definitely a lucrative idea to consider. There are many games even for beginners to gamble on. Thanks to licensing brands who regulate the market and make gambling not only fun but safe. So, you can play, win and withdraw your winnings.

Build a business with Amazon

Amazon is the largest retailer online, and you can easily set up a business in liaison with this company, using the fulfilled by Amazon or FBA platform. With this business model, Amazon becomes the packer and shipper of your orders. You will be exposed to a large marketplace where products sold every second. The goal should be to sell products that have high demand and are usually within the range of $10 to $50. This platform is an easy way to get started when you have products that you can procure at low prices and sell with a good margin and at competitive rates. 

Rent your home

Airbnb has been the pioneer in this segment. The concept of renting a home or simply a room was started by this company. It is an effective and easy way to start earning money online. If you are in a place where travellers frequent or have a home in a holiday location, you can certainly earn much, often as much as thousands of dollars in a month. It is necessary to set up a good reputation initially so that guests provide good reviews. Once a few guests have frequented your place, you will find it easier to get guests over.

Taxi services

This is another way to make money, a trend that has become popular in recent years. If you live in an area where these cab services are operational, it is a great way to sign up and make cash easily in the short term. All you need is a vehicle that would fit the specifications of these companies. You would also need to have a reliable driving history and license record. It is possible to make cash easily with such a service. You need to treat the guests in the right manner and offer them courtesy service. Once your reviews are good, then it would help you to get an edge over the competitors. 

Review games or software

If you have a technical background or are an avid gamer, you could be paid for testing new games and gaming consoles. This is definitely a lucrative business that many are committing much of their time and energy. Indeed, there are eSports and virtual gaming programs and curriculum that gamers can subscribe to in order to take their skills to the professional level. Those who are coders, programmers, or developers could also resort to software reviews and get paid handsomely for the same.

Write and publish an eBook

If you are good at writing, whether prose or have technical expertise on a certain topic, you could consider writing an eBook. It is a certain amount of effort you need to put in after which you can sell your eBook through several platforms. These comprise Kindle of Amazon, iTunes of Apple or even as an audiobook through Audible. If it is a technical subject, people prefer visuals and audio for which ACX is a platform set up by Audible. 


The above methods are some of the recent and popular ways of making extra income and are legitimate as well.

Written by Monella