10 One Direction Songs We Wish Were Sung Live

One Direction has had four extremely successful tours as a band, and in that time, a great number of their tracks have been performed live in concert. However, the group has five studio albums which means many songs are left without a live version.

With so many ballads, party songs, and everything in between never being sung live, we have compiled a list of 10 songs that we wish One Direction sang at a concert before their hiatus began.

10. Change Your Ticket

“Change Your Ticket” is the perfect opportunity for amazing laser light beams and on-screen visuals. Not to mention the dancing we would get from the boys!

9. Wolves

This track is the perfect tune to dance to! It would be perfect for an encore at a One Direction concert.

8. Same Mistakes

“Same Mistakes” is a track off of the boys debut album Up All Night. It’s truly an unforgettable treasure!

7. Temporary Fix

As the older sibling to “No Control” it’s only fitting that the four boys would sing this live.

6. They Don’t Know About Us

This iconic Take Me Home song leaves listeners in awe with the beautiful lyrics and sound produced. We already know a live version of this track would leave us speechless.

5. Fool’s Gold

“Fool’s Gold” is a ballad that is guaranteed to leave fans in an awkward emotional state. The amount of tears that would be shed if it were ever sung live, would be too many to count.

4. Magic

“Magic” is a lesser-known song done by the boys, yet still such a fun song to sing along and dance to!

3. Half A Heart

One of the forgotten Midnight Memories songs is “Half A Heart” yet it’s still such a beautiful touching track. We could totally put up our flashlights to this one!


2. Olivia

“Olivia” hasn’t had much opportunity to be performed live as it was just released late last year but it would still be great to hear a crowd attempting to sing “Oh I love you, I love you
I love, I love, I love Olivia.”


1. If I Could Fly

Finally, “If I Could Fly” would be an amazing track to be sung live for many, many reasons. We can already imagine their pianist Jon playing away on the piano as the boys alternate lines.

Who knows, maybe our wishes will be granted and the four lads will perform these songs when they come back! Let us know which songs you wish One Direction sang live by commenting below or Tweeting us at either @CelebMix or @CelebMix1D

Written by CelebMix