10 Popular Valentine’s Day Flowers and their Meanings

Well, you’ve succeeded in presenting your girl an awesome gift for Christmas and maybe already started considering some gift options for an upcoming Valentine’s Day! Whatever you decide to give your significant other, it will certainly be followed by a nice bouquet of flowers. So, brushing up on the valentine’s day flowers and their meaning will most likely inform about your true feelings and bounce her appreciation of your present up to the sky. Think to pick a bunch of roses? Or consider it pretty trivial? Scroll down this article from vavabrides.com and find out 10 best valentine’s day flowers and what they truly symbolize.

Gerbera Daisies

Daisies are widely known for their representation of pure beauty, innocence and honesty. The variety of this flower, recognizable by its wide head, makes it an absolute top-selling floret among all flowers for valentine’s day.  Thus, getting these buds in your crush’s favorite color will grant an additional portion of cheerfulness. Because, you know, these blossoms are always a pleasure to receive!


So, making ready for the “valentine’s day flowers and chocolates” period, you may have your eyes on the tulips which actually call you a “perfect lover” speaking in the language of flowers. These are totally available in all most popular colors- from ardent red to soft pink. The heart-shaped center of this flower is believed to present a true lover’s heart filled with passion. Buy your woman a fancy bouquet of tulips and you can be absolutely sure they will bring her happiness for quite a while after being cut. You may also demonstrate your creativity and get your girlfriend some tulip bulbs which can be planted in a nice flower pot to please her eyes again and again.


Those white Oriental flowers traditionally stand for “loveliness, class and, of course, style”. A guy who can masterfully create a bouquet of these gorgeous (and expensive too) lilies may seem sophisticated and surely knows his romantic partner well. In addition, all girls absolutely love these magnificent blooms’ rich and heady fragrance.

No less than five sorts of lilies can be found and each one with its own meaning. For example, white lilies represent purity and subtlety, pink ones symbolize prosperity and prosperity, red flowers convey flaming passion, orange emphasize strong confidence and pride and, finally, yellow lilies mean endless gratefulness and relish.


An orchid is another win-win alternative for Valentine’s Day. These ones can tell about your love and appreciation of her beauty, which makes them an ultimate gift for both significant other as well as for family members and friends. There’re literally thousands of various types of orchids to select from. Most people love orchids as those can be gifted in the form of a potted plant, serving as a long-lasting reminder of love.


The cheerful sunflower is a real small incarnation of Sun itself! And, though, this lad may not be the most unique flower, it definitely embodies a beautiful symbol of sincere love for many couples. For those partners found their joy in love, sunflower symbolizes endless loyalty and strong link between two hearts. If that is exactly the message you desire to convey to your sweetheart, go ahead and grab some little suns!


The irises are commonly associated with the ancient Greek mythology. In accordance with it, there was a goddess called Iris who used to epitomize the rainbow. This goddess was some kind of a messenger between the heavens and earth, traveling along the rainbow. The flower’s three petals stand for hope, wisdom and courage.

Different colors of the flower may bring additional meaning of this pretty bloom. For instance, purple irises represent wisdom and praise her purity, blue blossoms speak of deep faith and hope, yellow florets mean passion (yeah, not red!) and white ones symbolize ideal purity.


Carnations are translated as “fascination”. These flowers make a long-lasting and worthy Valentine’s Day gift as they come in a true rainbow of colors or can be easily dyed any tone you prefer. Although carnations possess a reputation of quite a humble floret, they do have a rich history, distinguishably being used in Greek ceremonial events. It is believed that the word “carnation” derives from the word “coronation”. A truly royal gift!


Wildflower can always be found in the wild. There are over 5,000 species of this flower to be found across the globe. Typically, wildflower has been an inevitable attribute of Valentine’s Day few decades ago. In case if adoration is precisely the message of your gift, a bouquet of wildflowers can easily be a perfect choice for an upcoming Valentine’s Day!


The true meaning of Lilac used to be changed throughout different time periods. Thus, in the Victorian Age, this flower was symbolizing an old love, that’s why many aged ladies were usually seen wearing lilacs during that epoch. White lilacs originally mean purity, violet flowers stand for spirituality, dark blue lilac symbolizes tranquility and light purple ones symbolize the first love.


Perhaps the most conventional Valentine’s Day flower! Anyway, its color tends to carry a distinct meaning. For example, red roses highlight deep feelings, such as love and desire, pure white represent chastity, yellow symbolize friendship and care, pink talk of gentle emotions, such as admiration and gratitude, orange symbolize activity and life energy; green mean prosperity and fertility. Finally, a bouquet containing mixed roses carries the message “I have so many feelings that obviously cannot be described with one color”!

Written by digidog sigi