10 Reasons Why We Love Liam Payne

There are many reasons to adore singer-songwriter-producer-dancer Liam Payne. While One Direction are on hiatus, we seem to be in a Liam-drought.

In case, for some reason, you have forgotten why you love him so very much, here are 10 reasons why we love Liam!

10. He has done countless amounts of charity work

Liam has held multiple charity events and is even an ambassador for Trekstock, a charity for young adults with cancer. He is always proving time and time again that he cares deeply about the charities he works with!

9. He has a close relationship with his bandmates

No matter what you ship, it is impossible to deny the cute bromance’s between Liam and his bandmates! He’s always displaying his affection for Louis, Niall, Harry, even Zayn and we can’t help but smile.

8. He is multi-talented

Did you know that Liam does more than just singing? He can also produce, write songs, DJ, dance, and even braid hair. We admire anyone who has as much talent as him!

7. He stands up for what he caress about

Liam is always standing up for what he cares about, whether it’s about his family, friends, or fans. He constantly is showing his love and appreciation by making sure that they are treated with respect and love.

6. He has a smile made from gold

There is no doubt about it that Liam has a smile that omits rays of sunshine. Even on some of our worst days, when we see his eyes crinkle and we see his dimples show, we are reminded of how good things shine even through the darkest times.

5. He has an incredible stage presence

If you have seen One Direction perform before, you will definitely agree with us when we say that Liam is at home on stage. He was born a natural performer and with his actions he makes sure to keep everyone included.

4. He makes an effort to meet fans

Many celebrities these days ignore their fans, luckily Liam is not one of them. Although he is not able to meet fans quite a bit of the time due to security or time issues, he always tries to make an effort when possible.

3. He never gives up

Despite everything he has been through, Liam has never given up. For example, in 2008, he auditioned for the X-Factor and was sent home before making it to the live shows. He auditioned again in 2010 and look where he is now!

2. He has freaking AMAZING vocal abilities

If we could hear angels sing, we are 100% sure that their voice would sound exactly like that of Liam’s. This boy has a beyond great range and can tackle anything you throw at him. And not to mention the amount of passion he puts into every performance- we’re blown away every single time.

1. He is always there for us

From the beginning up until now, Liam has been there for his fans and we know he will continue to be here until the end. No matter what is going on, whether it be in our personal lives, in One Direction, or in rumors, he has always stepped in to make sure that we are all right. We appreciate you so much for that Liam! Thank you.

There are probably thousands of reasons to love and adore Liam, and our collection was just a fraction of the sort! Let us know a few of the reasons why you love him by commenting below, or tweeting us at either @CelebMix or @CelebMix1D

Written by CelebMix