10 Reasons Why We Love Shawn Mendes

Hold on to your hats folks! We’re here in full appreciation of Shawn Mendes and there is a very high possibility that you might just fall hopelessly in love.

As some of you may know, the Canadian singer/songwriter who began to steal our hearts through Vine, is continously growing to be one of the most adored faces in Hollywood. After touring worldwide with the one and only Taylor Swift, releasing his first ever album called Handwritten, and having his single “Life Of The Party” go platinum in America, we can’t hold back on why you should love him too!

Here is why…

10. His inner childhood self10 Reasons Why We Love Shawn Mendes 1

Don’t lie to us, we know that you’ve done this when you were a little kid! And if maybe some of you even continue to do it now, there’s no doubt Shawn could probably give you some helpful tips. He’s quite the professional.

9. His passion10 Reasons Why We Love Shawn Mendes 2

It’s no secret that every time Shawn puts on a performance, he belts it from his heart. And you know that he does because he has this incredible way of making you feel it for yourself – which is not an easy task at 17 years old. It could be a fast song or it could be a slow song, but the minute his voice begins to project through that microphone, there’s no holding back the goosebumps that fill up your entire body.

8. Guitar + arms + lip bite = Detrimental10 Reasons Why We Love Shawn Mendes 3

There is a whole lot going on here and it’s slowly becoming too much for us to handle. But let’s start with the simple fact that he’s playing his guitar because that in it of itself, is so important. It’s truly his everything; and how can you not love a boy who can play guitar?! ESPECIALLY as well as he can? We understand though, his tank top is super distracting. It’s even been concluded that those arms serve two purposes – carrying his guitar while he strums beautiful music, and holding us close in a lover’s embrace. (We would kill for a Shawn Mendes hug). And let us not forget about the very last second where he bites his lip. We’ve learned that this has become a reoccurring theme and while we are completely okay with it, our hearts may not be.

7. Rejection at its finest10 Reasons Why We Love Shawn Mendes 4

So if we were to ever be turned down by Shawn, at least we know he looks absolutely adorable why doing it. Just take a look at this face – makes it a little less heartbreaking, don’t you think? (Probably not, we’d be getting turned down by Shawn Mendes. Give us a second to regroup).

6. Have you ever seen him smile?10 Reasons Why We Love Shawn Mendes 5

Yes, the sound you just heard was in fact the shattering of a million hearts around the world. And yes, his smile does have the innocent power to do so. Just look at it! You can’t help but smile yourself. It’s physically impossible. We consider anyone who gets to make Shawn smile, a lucky person. Not only because it makes happy, but because he deserves to be.

5. His laugh 10 Reasons Why We Love Shawn Mendes 6

If you thought his smile was enough to break you, just check out his laugh. Sometimes when people laugh really hard, they don’t look this good while doing it. But of course, Shawn is the exception to all rules applied. And the best part of it all is when he’s laughing so hard he needs to cover his face. How much cuter can he actually get?!

4. His infamous tweets 10 Reasons Why We Love Shawn Mendes 1

How does one even manage to…?! You just gotta love him. There’s no two ways about it.

3. Snapchat10 Reasons Why We Love Shawn Mendes 8

We personally think that there can never be too much Shawn in your life, and if you don’t have him on Snapchat then we highly suggest adding him right now! RIGHT THIS SECOND – @shawnmendes1, we promise you won’t regret it. Look at how cute this little puppy is??

2. His love for his fans10 Reasons Why We Love Shawn Mendes 7

“Honestly like they’re just so caring. I mean they really take the details into account like whenever I’m not feeling good. They’ll always ask me if I’m ok, how my voice is doing – they literally know that much about me and how I’m feeling and stuff. It’s cool.” 

1. He’s just Shawn10 Reasons Why We Love Shawn Mendes 9

At only 17 years old, he’s remained true to who he is – which is hard when you’re thrown into the industry at such an age. There’s always that slight possibility that they somehow can go off the deep end and lose sight of the one thing that brought them there. It’s happened before, plenty of times. And it’s sad because it’s normally the ones with the most talent. But that’s not the case with this one. We believe that Shawn will succeed far beyond the expectations that are above him. At only 17 years old, he’s accomplished more than some do in a lifetime. And not only has he done so, but he’s remained completely humble and personable in the process. He doesn’t come off as big headed, and you’ll never feel him give off the sense of entitlement. And in a world where people are constantly trying to redesign your image, he’s proven to radiate hope. 10 Reasons Why We Love Shawn Mendes 10

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Written by Victoria Christiano

An iced coffee enthusiast who loves to write and take photos.