10 reasons to watch “Labyrinth”

This 2016, we celebrate the 30th anniversary of an iconic movie: Labyrinth, directed by Jim Henson, produced by George Lucas and starring David Bowie.

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Due to Bowie’s passing this Monday, we decided to bring you 10 reasons why you should watch this cinematographic jewel from 1986 – in case you haven’t yet.  It’s one of his best acting jobs.

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10. The Plot

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Sarah is a girl who enjoys her own fantasies more than anything else, she spends her time playing with her dolls and acting parts of her favorite book to distract herself from the fact that her father and stepmother are too busy taking care of a new baby.   One night they leave her in charge of him and while she’s desperate for the baby to fall asleep, she calls for The Goblin King – from her beloved book – and asks him to take the baby away.  Unfortunately, her call is heard and The Goblin King takes her little brother to his castle.   Now Sarah only has 13 hours to solve the labyrinth that will take her there through multiple obstacles, otherwise, she won’t see the baby anymore.

9. The Director

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This film was directed by mastermind Jim Henson, creator of The Muppets.  Henson had the idea for the film along with conceptual designer Brian Froud, who suggested it feature goblins.  We must mention George Lucas – creator of the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises – was the executive producer for the movie, what a team!

8. The Goblin King

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The ruler of the goblins and main villain of this story: Jareth, The Goblin King, is majestically portrayed by David Bowie. Originally planned to be another puppet, it was finally decided that a star should play this role. Many musicians were considered, such as Mick Jagger, Michael Jackson, and Prince, but the director thought no one could do it better than Bowie, this was his role. Honestly, we couldn’t agree more!

7. The Art

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We already mentioned how puppets are a big element of the film, but that’s not it: there are only six human faces on screen through the whole movie.  These include Sarah’s father, stepmother, and a little fairy.  The rest of the characters are puppets or robots with remote-controlled facial expressions. This, along with the scenarios of a fantastic world, was perfectly created for its time. Imagine David Bowie singing and dancing in a room full of goblins, or a room full of moving stairs almost a decade before Harry Potter was even written.

6. The Heroin

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We can see 15-year-old Jennifer Connelly in one of her first roles. Connelly was chosen because according to Henson, she was perfect for that phase Sarah is going through – the change from childhood to adulthood. Sarah is a girl who has to learn how to grow up as she goes through the labyrinth searching for her little brother.

5. The Baby

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The little baby kidnapped by Jareth, is Toby, a sweet little human being portrayed by Toby Froud. Conceptual designer Brian Froud had started the sketches for the film when his baby was born, and he turned out to be exactly as Brian drew the baby for the film. Toby’s mom had to help to distract the baby with toys beside the camera so he would stay quiet. Sarah has only a few hours to get to Toby before Jareth turns him into a goblin forever.

4. The Crystal Balls

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These magical globes can show you your deepest dreams, the things you want the most, and it’s such a pleasure to watch Mr. Bowie control them so easily.  The secret truth is – it wasn’t Bowie. Juggler Michael Moschen – who worked with Cirque Du Soleil – was behind Bowie for this scenes, and his arms are the ones we see.  Regardless of who’s actually doing it, the juggling is simply awesome!

3. The Music

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With such a star as David Bowie in the main role, it was obvious that there was gonna be some killer music. With five songs (featuring the theme “Underground” twice), the soundtrack for the film is absolutely amazing. “Labyrinth” was even released on  David Bowie’s album alongside Trevor Jones’ instrumentals. The performances included in the film will stay forever in your heart.

2. The Characters

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Between goblins, dwarfs, foxes, beasts, fairies, hands and worms, the world of “Labyrinth” is a cocktail of marvelous creatures that will help Sarah during her search.  You will surely learn to love more than one of these characters.

1. The Movie Itself

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Labyrinth has gained a cult following, even having a graphic novel years after the movie was released. Even if you are old enough to stop watching puppet movies, the universe where all these things happen will surround you with magic and incredible songs by David Bowie. 100% recommended.

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