10 Signs You’re A Hardcore Larry Shipper

I’m pretty sure everybody knows what Larry is, but to shortly explain it to the ones who don’t know: Larry is a couple made out of Harry and Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. Here we’ve listed a few signs about being a Larry shipper:

1. You´ve watched every single video from ‘freddieismyqueen’ on YouTube.

2. You freaked out when Larry hugged.

10 signs you are a hardcore Larry shipper 2

3. You literally hate Modest Management.

4. You fangirl when Larry is mirroring.

5. You think ‘Louis Styles’ or ‘Harry Tomlinson’ actually sounds pretty good.

10 signs you are a hardcore Larry shipper 3

6. More than 30% of the people you follow are fanpages about Larry.

7. The 1st thing you do when you see a picture of the boys is checking out if Larry is next to each other.

8. You suddenly start analysing every single move they make even if it’s just sneezing.

9. You write ‘Oops’ and ‘Hi’ on every piece of paper you can find.

10. The video diaries seriously are your source of life.


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Written by CelebMix