10 songs to empower you on International Women’s Day

Today, Thursday March the 8th is a very special day for it is known as International Women’s Day. Established in 1910, the day is designed to ‘commemorate the movement for women’s rights.’

As our own nod to this important day, we’ve collated a list of 10 empowering female anthems for you to enjoy. We think now is a better time than ever, to look back and to appreciate some of the talented women who have made a mark on the industry.

Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves

Eurythmics frontwoman Annie Lennox has done more of her fair share in women’s empowerment, as a singer, songwriter, activist and philantrophist. In 2008 she founded The Circle NGO where women work together in a campaign for equality.

Run The World (Girls)

Who better in the music industry to preach for the power of the woman than Queen B herself. The female population were elated when Beyoncé dropped this banger in 2011 because her self assurance made us feel more confident and proud than we’ve ever been. Beyoncé is a woman that we all admire and is the perfect ambassador for International Women’s Day.


Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Dubbed as a ‘feminist anthem’. Cyndi Lauper created this timeless hit in 1983. This debut is what propelled her into stardom and this quirky singer has now released eight studio studio albums in a career spanning over thirty years.


Through her trials and tribulations, Demi Lovato has come back fighting and through her well documented journey, she has and will continue to help many others.

Can’t Hold Us Down

Christina Aguilera no doubt helped bring down barriers in pop music, tackling important issues lyrically and being the voice of young girls everywhere.

Independent Women

This was one of the first songs to come to mind, when brainstorming this feature. We all know how influential Destiny’s Child were as a collective with the bold and inspiring message that they conveyed to their female fans.

Free Your Mind

The En Vogue divas had their confidence on lock and their powerful hits such as this helped empower ladies to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.


We couldn’t not feature one of the world’s biggest girl groups! Little Mix have adopted a serious approach to the role model figure that has been bestowed to them by millions of young girls. The ladies spread constant postivity throughout their pop music and in interviews and are an inspiration to women worldwide.

Bad Girls

The ultimate poster girl for the rebel that lies in each of you. British Sri Lankan artist M.I.A. is showing us that the sky is no limit and that being yourself is the coolest thing you can do.

Man! I Feel Like A Woman

What a woman, and what a song to finish this feature piece with. We just love how Shania Twain is unfraid to exercise her perogative as a woman, and is having lots of fun whilst doing so as she and any woman should be.

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