10 Spider-Man Homecoming Easter Eggs

Spider-Man Homecoming is the latest arrival in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is definitely their most referential movie yet.

The movie is jam-packed with references from comic books and other famous superheroes. From Tony Stark to Miles Morales, there was plenty for the fans to take in. Here are 10 Easter eggs we found in Spider-Man Homecoming:

Spider-Man Theme Song

Rather than including the usual music that plays in the Marvel logo opening in every movie, they decided to switch it up this time, as the music in Spider-Man Homecoming is actually the theme song from the 1967 Spider-Man cartoon.

Gwen Stacy Echo

When Spider-Man shoots his web to save his long time crush, Liz, falling from the Washington Monument, it echoes the crushing death of Gwen Stacy in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’

“Kiss her Peter”

After Peter saves Liz from falling to her death, they’re left face to face… or face to mask, with Peter hanging upside down as Spider-Man. Karen suggests that this is the moment that Peter should kiss her, giving us all the Peter Parker/Mary-Jane feels in Toby Maguire’s Spider-Man movies.

“My friends call me MJ” 

Michelle (played by Zendaya), keeps herself to herself, more happy with a book in her hands than friends. However, during the last few scenes of the film, Michelle finds herself opening up and we learn that her friends call her MJ. MJ is mostly known for being Mary-Jane, the love of Spider-Man’s life, in the comics.

Mac Gargan

The man who Vulture associates with on the ferry for their weapons deal and later on runs into prison, he is known as Mac Gargan. What you might not know though is, he eventually becomes the Scorpion. After the credits had rolled, we see a preview of what could be a big hint as to who the villain will be in the sequel. Mac confronts Vulture at the end sporting a scorpion tattoo and seeming very intrigued on knowing everything about Spider-Man, including his identity. He also lets it known that he has a lot of people out in the world ready to help him, could the Scorpion be preparing to bite?

“I got a nephew who lives round here”

Donald Glover may not have had the biggest role in this Spider-Man, however, he is a lot more important to the movie than you think. Donald plays ‘Aaron Davis’ a criminal who eventually turns into the Prowler. Whilst being under interrogation by Spider-Man, he reveals something very exciting… He mentions that he has a nephew in the area, who goes by the name of ‘Miles Morales’. This is where it gets interesting, Miles is also known as the ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’. In the comics, Miles becomes the Ultimate Spider-Man when Peter Parker is killed by the Green Goblin. He now remains in the same universe as the Peter Parker we all know and love, just like in the movie.


Karen, the A.I. in Spider-Man’s suit is voiced by Jennifer Connelly. Jennifer is married to Paul Bettany who voiced Jarvis in Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit.

The Amazing Spider-Man #33

When Peter finds himself pinned beneath a rubble, he tears his mask off in defeat. That is, until he sees half of his mask submerged under water, his own face making up the other half. This shows that Peter is a hero just as much as Spider-Man is and it is also a tribute to the famous Steve Ditko sequence from ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ #33.

Thor’s Magic Belt

 Happy Hogan gives a shout out to Thor when he’s loading up the plane with artefacts to take to the new Avengers Tower, Tony Stark had bought out. Happy tries to pronounce the word ‘Megingjörð’, ending up in defeat and just refers to it as ‘Thor’s Magic Belt’.

Homage to Deadpool

During the gym scene, Liz and her friends are seen playing ‘F, Marry, Kill’ with the Avengers characters. Liz announces that she has a thing for Spider-Man and a friend chastises her, pointing out that nobody has ever seen Spider-Man without his mask and he could be covered in burns.

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Written by ShelbyAmess

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