10 Times Zayn Hyped Us Up For “Mind of Mine”

We absolutely cannot wait for Mind of Mine. If we’re this excited, we can only imagine how Zayn must be feeling. From what we’ve gathered from his Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, the man is pretty stoked! Here are 10 times that the anticipation was almost too much.

10. When he announced Pillowtalk

Taking to Twitter to share the great news, Zayn shared the cover artwork and release date for his first single. We hadn’t heard it at the time, but we knew it was bound to be great (Spoiler alert: IT IS).

9. When he gave his first on-camera interview

We collectively held our breath in anticipation of his first, on-screen, post-One Direction interview. We’d no idea what to expect, but ended up being moved by his honesty. We memorized every facial expression he delivered and hung on every word. And then we completely lost it when he announced the title of his debut solo album: Mind of Mine.

8. When he shared this Snapchat with us

Taking to Twitter to tease us, Zayn uploaded this Snapchat video. A shirtless Zayn jammed along as his ethereal voice played on an unreleased track. The video was accompanied by a caption of two words: Late nights.

7. Pillowtalk (The Living Room Session)

Less than a week after we fell in love with Pillowtalk, Zayn teased us all with a short video of him singing a stripped-down version of the single. Though the Snapchat was short, we were blown away watching him work, completely in his element.


6. When he sang It’s You on Jimmy Fallon

This was it–the moment we’d all been waiting for: Zayn’s television debut. We’d all naively assumed he would be performing Pillowtalk. He surprised us yet again by performing It’s You for the very first time. We aren’t ashamed to say we shed a tear…or two. This song was so different from Pillowtalk, and we were immediately in love.


Bonus: Before performing, we were finally granted the honor of seeing the album cover. Two treats in one night!


5. When he collaborated with Chris Brown and Usher

Again–blown away. We listened to his verse over and over, and over again. We knew that if he could sound this great on a track that wasn’t even his own, Mind of Mine was bound to be something spectacular.

4. When the It’s You music video dropped

Having watched his Jimmy Fallon performance countless times over, we thought we were ready for the video. We’re happy to admit we were wrong. A brooding Zayn, dressed to the nines, in black and white? Yes, please. Watching this had us counting the days until the album’s release.

10 Times Zayn Hyped Us Up For "Mind of Mine" 1

3. When he released the track list

FINALLY. As we quickly saved new Tumblr URLs, we stopped to scratch our heads at the choice of typography. In the end, though, we decided to trust his artistic capabilities.

2. When he posted this on Instagram

This snapshot features the man of the hour himself, spray painting the title of the album on a wall. Once the album drops, we’re pretty sure we’ll be doing the same–sorry, Mom.


1. When he released Like I Would

We don’t know what we did to deserve it, but it happened. A third song was released, and to say that we were unprepared is an understatement. Like I Would crossed into a third genre that the other two songs hadn’t. This upbeat, dance-floor track was on repeat for hours.


Waiting for Mind of Mine is one of the more difficult tasks we’ve been faced with. Luckily, we have three songs to hold us over. Three songs that span three different genres and exude something unique. We’re incredibly proud of Zayn; the massive success he’s had is well deserved. We admire his passion, dedication, and perseverance. He’s created something we’re sure is amazing, and we can’t wait until he shares it with us soon.

Be sure to pre-order Mind of Mine which drops on March 25th.

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Written by CelebMix