Lilly Singh

12 of Lilly Singh’s Most Relatable Videos

Lilly Singh, a.k.a your girl IISuperwomanII, is a Canadian YouTuber with over 7.6 million subscribers. Not only is she incredibly inspiring – her #GirlLove campaign encourages women to compliment each other instead of spreading hate – but she is also hilarious and extremely relatable too.

To celebrate Lilly’s amazing videos, we thought we would spread the #GirlLove by sharing some of her most relatable videos!

1. What People Really Mean

You know when we say one thing but really mean another? Lilly pretty much exposes ALL of our thoughts here – you’re lying if you don’t relate!

2. Eight Situations in Which People Should SHUT UP!

Sometimes people need to be quiet and stay quiet. Lilly takes us through some of these occasions – people trying to talk to you when you’ve got earphones in is one of our favourites.

3. Five Stupid Selfies We Take

We’re totally guilty of taking these stupid selfies! Hands up if you’ve spotted some on your Instagram feed?

4. You Know You Love Food When…

This video is so relatable – all the food please!

5. The Six Stages of Having a Crush

Everyone’s been through at least a couple of these stages, right? The small talk stage is our favourite!

6. The Five Stages to Becoming a Fangirl

This video is a collab with Grace Helbig and so painfully relatable and funny – we’re always on the defence line!

7. Types of People on Snapchat

Like many YouTubers, Lilly did a video on the types of people you see on Snapchat. Her take on this is so funny and accurate – have you come across these types of people on the app?

8. Five Reasons Shopping Stresses Us Out

Shopping is often a stressful experience and Lilly perfectly sums up the issues we come across when buying new clothes.

9. Type of People at Amusement Parks

Ever been to a theme park? If so, then you’re bound to have come across these people. We’re probably the ‘ride or diers’!

10. Types of Girls in Relationships

We’ve all got a friend or know someone who is one of these types when in a relationship! We love them dearly, but it doesn’t stop this video from being completely accurate.

11. Types of Enemies

From The Virtual Villain to the Fandom Fighter, we’ve come across all of these enemies at one point or another!

12. When People Borrow Your Phone…

Other people wanting to borrow our phone is definitely one of our pet hates!

Which is your favourite Lilly Singh/IISuperwomanII video? Tell us by tweeting @CelebMix or by leaving a comment below!

Written by Katrina Rees

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