14 Times Charli XCX Won Twitter in 2018

In Charli XCX’s very own words, “I’m one of the best”. It’s a tongue-in-cheek swagger that, alongside her genre-defying pop music, is part of the XCX trademark. This year the pop disruptor has taken her Twitter game to another level and CelebMix brings you 14 of her best moments…

Let’s start at the very beginning. Within a week Charli XCX dropped this tweet, stating “i think i’m underrated”. We’d have to grant her that, Number 1 Angel and Pop 2 were two highlights of 2017, but XCX was only just getting started on her 2018 Twitter game.

When a fan tweeted a video of Charli getting down to ‘Outta My Head’ at a show, it was hardly the star’s vocals taking centre stage. XCX quoted the video, changing the lyrics of her breakthrough single ‘Boom Clap’ to be slightly more appropriate…

Keeping on the theme of Charli’s ass, the popstar was feeling herself in April and, quite righty, let the world know about it.

In June of this year, Charli XCX organised a special listening party of unreleased tracks for her most dedicated fans. However, some bad sports who missed out turned bitter on Twitter. Charli cleared up any chance of someone attempting to leak her work again by threatening to drive over their phone with the “lavender Lamborghini” from ‘Vroom Vroom’. And have you heard that track? That is one lavender Lamborghini you DO NOT want to mess with.

XCX was out serving tea again in late June. A fan took to the Twitter-sphere to complain that she wasn’t releasing enough material. Charli greeted the fan with three short sentences… we don’t think Rodrigo will be knocking on XCX’s door to complain again anytime soon.

It turns out, Charli XCX is a photoshopping queen too. Her artistic edit of the ‘Focus/ No Angel’ cover to show fans her happiness deserves to be hanging in The Louvre.

It’s not all banter and snapbacks with Charli, however. She’s been a vocal supporter of Billy Clayton’s fight against Sarcoma and has not hesitated to use her socials to share his cause. You can donate to help Billy here.

Okay, back to trademark XCX tweeting. Another ‘fan’ took to social media to (wrongly) accuse Charli of not releasing enough music. The Pop 2 creator responded with all the music she has, in fact, released in the last 12 months. Enough said there.

As October kicked off and Charli XCX released the Troye Sivan collab ‘1999’, her Twitter form took to another level. And if you’ve seen the ‘1999’ music video, then you aren’t going to argue with this tweet.

The 20th October may well have been Charli XCX’s most iconic day on Twitter yet. Struggling for sleep, she decided to answer fan questions in 100% XCX style.

Change pop music? Charli didn’t understand the question… she did that already.

In January, XCX made it clear she found herself underrated. Clearly, that is still the case.

Just like anyone who is anyone has been to the cinema to watch the phenomenal ‘A Star Is Born’, Charli XCX is well acquainted with the film. According to XCX, her favourite track ‘Why Did You Do That?” is good enough to deserve a place on her own Pop 2.

Finally, someone came for Charli again. Charli won again.


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Written by Toby Bryant

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