15 Iconic Songs from Canadian Artists

As time goes on, the world is getting more high-charting hits from artists all over the world and crashing into the mainstream music scene. Often times, we don’t realize or forget where they’re from – and can be quite surprised. Some of our favourite hits that’ll go down in history have actually come from the United States’ neighbor of the north. So in celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary, here are 15 iconic songs from Canadian artists!

15. “Stitches”, Shawn Mendes

Year: 2015

It’s 2015. Vine was still around. We’ve all heard the story of a boy and a guitar on the internet countless times but in this year, “Stitches” was constantly on countless radio stations, marking the beginning of what would be Shawn Mendes’ career outside of social media and making himself comfortable on the charts.

14. “Don’t Talk to Strangers”, Hedley

Year: 2009

Let’s be honest – bands like Hedley were a staple of a Canadian millennial’s childhood and angsty teenage years. Most of us were probably too young to actually realize what this song was talking about. But hey, that didn’t stop everyone from knowing the words to this song (and all the other songs on The Show Must Go), right?

13. “Haven’t Met You Yet”, Michael Bublé

Year: 2009

Believe it or not, Michael Bublé isn’t just the Christmas guy. “Just Haven’t Met You Yet” is the song that made Canada, then North America, then the rest of the world, fall in love with his smooth voice and charm. Who doesn’t want to fall in love in a supermarket?

12. “Celebrity Status”, Marianas Trench

Year: 2009

Ok, 2009 was a really good year for Canadian music. So many artists crossed borders both on tour and on international charts. Another staple band of the Canadian 2000’s, Marianas Trench brought a dose of energy and pop-rock that we needed. “Celebrity Status” had everyone hooked, and hanging onto every word.

11. “Fat Lip”, Sum 41

Year: 2001

You guessed it – this classic pop punk anthem comes from a Canadian band as well. It’s the song that you blast in your car at any hours of the day with the windows down, because you’re SO edgy and want the world to know it.

10. “Call Me Maybe”, Carly Rae Jepsen

Year: 2012

This song was an inescapable summer song. You probably couldn’t go a day without hearing it, and it was everywhere. “Call Me Maybe” was also the infamous backing track to that star-studded lip sync video featuring some of our favourites such as Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Ashley Tisdale that sparked so many remakes.

9. “Started From The Bottom”, Drake

Year: 2013

Did Drake really start from the bottom? No comment on that, but he’s been in the music scene long before putting the spotlight on the city of Toronto with Views. “Started From the Bottom” adds to the Canadian pride and the list of deep Drake lyrics on every Tumblr and t-shirt.

8. “The History Of Everything”, Barenaked Ladies

Year: 2007 (when the full version was released)

Didn’t think you’d see this one, did you? The theme song to this beloved show is sung by Canadian band, Barenaked Ladies. Yes, these are the same guys who sing “If I Had a Million Dollars”.

7.”How You Remind Me”, Nickelback

Year: 2001

No matter what you think of Nickelback, they’re still around. There are only so many Nickelback songs that you can resist singing along to, and “How You Remind Me” isn’t one of them. So. Iconic.

6. “Sk8er Boi”, Avril Lavigne

Year: 2007

The second you hear that intro, you know. You know that he was a skater boy, she said see you later, boy. This song will always be recognized in its first few seconds of playing, no doubt about it.

5. “Baby”, Justin Bieber

Year: 2010

Whether you like it or not, there’s no way anyone could ever forget about this song. It might be one of the most disliked videos on YouTube, but it’s still a hit and probably one of the most requested modern karaoke songs out there.

4. “Summer of ’69”, Bryan Adams

Year: 1984

This classic is a favourite of many, having been covered by so many artists and bands as well. We’ve got to give the original credit.

3. “My Heart Will Go On”, Celine Dion

Year: 1997

This soul-shattering, recorder cover bringing song will always go down in history. From an amazing artist, paired with an iconic movie and still memed to this day, there’s really nothing more we could ask for.

2. “I’m Like A Bird”, Nelly Furtado

Year: 2000

It would probably be a crime not to have Nelly Furtado and this song on this list. It’s one of the ultimate throwbacks, a favourite at proms and bachelorette parties.

1. “Hallelujah”, Leonard Cohen

Year: 1984

Although this will always be a popular song for artists to cover, nothing will ever compare to the late Leonard Cohen’s deep, gravelly tone that made the song so powerful and moving.

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Written by Kath Jiang

Western University grad, music lover, and pizza enthusiast from Toronto.

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