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15 of the best ‘Castle on the Hill’/’Shape of You’ covers

Ever since Ed Sheeran made his musical comeback last Friday, the world has gone crazy for his two new singles, ‘Castle on the Hill’ and ‘Shape of You’. Not only did both tracks break records on Spotify, the singer is also set to become the first artist to enter the Official UK Singles Chart in the top two positions with a pair of new songs.

However, it’s not just Ed’s fans who are loving his new tracks. Music artists from across the globe have taken to YouTube to share their own versions of his songs. We’ve already shared Bronnie, James McVey and Brad Simpson’s amazing covers with you, but that’s just the start. The internet is full of ‘Castle on the Hill’ and ‘Shape of You’ covers, so we decided to search the depths of YouTube to find 15 of the best to share with you…enjoy!

John Adams

Welsh singer John Adams is always on the ball with his choice of cover, so we weren’t surprised to see him deliver an incredible version of ‘Castle on the Hill’. The track suits John’s voice perfectly, especially in the chorus.

Matt DeFreitas

Matt DeFreitas, better known as RollUpHills on YouTube, tackled both of Ed’s new tracks in two separate videos. First off, there’s ‘Shape of You’, where Matt completely nails the essence of the song. All sounds in the cover are made using guitar, hands and vocals only! Then there’s his beautiful ‘Castle on the Hill’ cover – we dare you not to fall in love with his voice.


Former Britain’s Got Talent contestant Gabz is one of a few artists who decided to mashup both of Ed’s songs. The result is an awesome piano cover, which shows Gabz’s versatility as an artist.

Leroy Sanchez

Leroy Sanchez is forever posting incredible covers on YouTube, but his version of ‘Shape of You’ takes things to the next level. We were happily jamming along until he hit us right in the feels during the second verse WHERE HE SINGS IN SPANISH. Me gusta mucho. We think Ed would rate this cover a lot too.

Jodie Mellor

Jodie Mellor shared a stunning cover of ‘Castle on the Hill’. Her gentle version shows off her delicate vocals and guitar skills. It’s definitely a goosebump inducing cover.

Future Sunsets

Future Sunsets’ mashup of Ed’s tracks is one of our favourites. We love how he’s cleverly incorporated both songs into each other, and he delivers both with an infectious energy. You can’t help but smile at this cover.

Connie Talbot

Ed Sheeran songs seem to be a hit among Britain’s Got Talent stars! Former 2007 contestant Connie Talbot covered ‘Castle on the Hill’, choosing to slow the song down by performing a piano version. The result is stunning – not only are Connie’s vocals gorgeous, but we can’t get over how grown up she is!

New Hope Club

Trio New Hope Club took on Ed’s ‘Shape of You’. Judging from the questionable dance moves, it’s clear to see that Reece, Blake and George had a lot of fun filming this!

Sarah Close

‘Castle on the Hill’ was Sarah Close’s choice of cover, and what a beautiful version it is! Teamed with her keyboard, Sarah’s vocals are shown off to perfection.

Wesley Stromberg

Emblem 3’s Wesley Stromberg took on ‘Shape on You’, which really suits his voice. We have a lot of love for this cover!

Claudia Tripp

Claudia Tripp’s strong vocals are perfect for ‘Castle on the Hill’, making this one amazing cover. We’re a little obsessed with her voice in the chorus.


Kelaska put her own spin on ‘Shape of You’, by playing the ukulele. We love the tone of her voice and her cover has made us want to learn how to play an uke!

Scarlet Kill

Will and Mitch from Aussie band Scarlet Kill opted to cover ‘Castle on the Hill’. We’re all heart eyes over Will’s powerful vocals in the chorus, which makes the song even edgier.

Will Jay and Dylan Bernard

Will Jay and Dylan Bernard teamed up for this slick mashup of Ed’s hits. Their voices complement each other beautifully, and are strong individually too. There’s a great energy throughout the video, which will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy.

Alex Aiono

Finally, we couldn’t miss out Alex Aiono. The singer has been wowing us on YouTube for a long time now, but this mashup of ‘Shape of You’ with Shawn Mendes’ ‘Mercy’ is definitely one of his best. The transition from one song to another is effortless and they blend together perfectly. Alex even throws in a bit of Kevin Lyttle’s ‘Turn Me On’ for good measure!

Which was your favourite ‘Castle on the Hill’ / ‘Shape of You’ cover? Did we miss out your fave? Let us know on Twitter @CelebMix

Written by Katrina Rees

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