15 things we found out about Dove Cameron during her follow spree

Dove Cameron, star of Disney Channel teen sitcom Liv & Maddie, playing both title characters; as well as known for playing Mal in the Disney Descendants movie; chatted to her fans on Twitter this morning.

Her fans, called Dovelies, managed to make the hashtag #noticemedove trend worldwide as she answered questions during a Twitter follow spree.

Many questions were asked about the new EP that Dove Cameron and fiancé, Ryan McCartan, will be releasing under their group name: The Girl and the Dreamcatcher.

The EP will be called Negatives and will be available to preorder soon. Many of the tracks have been leaked, but apparently there’s some hidden gems we haven’t heard yet.

Here’s what we’ve learned from #noticemedove follow spree:

1. “Gladiator” & “Monster” are her favourite tracks from the Negatives EP

2. Not all the songs have been leaked from the EP, yet.

3. She’s inspired by her family, her friends and her fans.

4. The Girl and the Dreamcatcher have been working on this EP for two years now.

5. She has upcoming acting roles that she can’t speak of.

6. She has many favourite foods.

7. These are her top five musicals

8. Dove Cameron’s favourite song right now is Mike Perry’s “The Ocean”.

9. The Girl and the Dreamcatcher will be releasing merchandise soon.

10. Peanut Butter Cup is her favourite ice cream flavour.

11. She wants to dye her hair Lavender.

12. Her favourite flowers are white roses.

13. She loves sharks, as well as mascara.

14. She binge watches Broad City, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Inside Amy Schumer.

15. Her favourite TV shows are Pushing Daisies and Doctor Who

Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan are expected to release their EP Negatives on 29 July under the name The Girl and the Dreamcatcher. They have already released four singles and two Christmas cover singles.

They released the artwork for Negatives yesterday on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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