18 of Shawn Mendes’ Best/Funniest Moments!

We all know that Shawn is a pretty amazing person, but on top of that, he is incredibly funny too! So to celebrate his 18th birthday we’ve compiled 18 of our favourite funny or just plain amazing Shawn Mendes moments:

  1. This ICONIC interview offending tomatoes and people over 30 everywhere

2. Him continuously meowing for a minute. Enough Said.


3. When he teamed up with a bunch of fans to brainstorm the newest potential pop tart flavour


4. When he decorated Christmas cookies with some friends whilst doing a Q&A


5. When he did the ALS ice bucket challenge *inserts ALL the heart eye emojis*


6. When he covered Summertime Sadness and made it everyone’s bop

7. When he got to perform at the Greek Theatre and sounded AMAZING

8. When he ate mustard. on its own. ew.

9. When he sang about Cameron Dallas and we all related too much

10. When he covered actual Ariana Grande with Jack and Jack


11. When Ellen DeGeneres scared the living daylight out of him

12. When he won a Teen Choice Award and made us all extremely proud

18 of Shawn Mendes' Best/Funniest Moments! 1

13. When he’s unapologetically himself (and that’s why we love him)

18 of Shawn Mendes' Best/Funniest Moments! 1

14. That time he collabed with Camila Cabello and Charlie Puth for a rendition of Bieber’s “Sorry”


15. When he got beat up by air and thrown into a wall. what can we say?

16. That time he just started jiggling on the floor


17. When he covered Drake because CANADA!


18. And last but certainly not least, his iconic salsa dancing


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Written by CelebMix