19 Best Sites to Buy Twitter Followers (Cheap & Instant)

Twitter algorithms boost visibility and reach taking into consideration several factors like frequency of your online activity, frequency of your tweets attracting organic engagement, and your active follower count to name just a few. The more social signals you have, the higher your chances at trending. A smart move herein would be to boost your active follower numbers up a notch now and then by investing in real follower packages

Buying followers is a simple and effective move to gain social proof and to bring activity to profiles that are dropping down on the visibility scale. Most professional and business accounts invest in specific websites to keep their profiles trending. The market however is choc-a-block with service sellers. To make the research easier, we have compiled a list of some of the most popular proposals around. 

Name of service Pros and cons Score
Social Boss

Smallest package – 10 followers

Biggest package – 20’000 followers

Natural delivery from 2 to 30 days

Chatbox unavailable

Payment with crypto available

Premium services available

Offers services for 24 social media platforms

Socials Up

Smallest package – 50 followers

Biggest package – 20’000 followers

Natural delivery from 2 to 30 days

Chatbox available

Payment with crypto available

Premium services available

Offers services for 7 social media platforms


Smallest package – 10 followers

Biggest package – 10’000 followers

Natural delivery from 2 to 40 days

Payment with crypto available

Chatbox unavailable

Premium services unavailable

Offers services for Twitter only


1.  Social Boss

One of the best sites for purchasing real and organic Twitter services, Social Boss earns its credibility and trust by the sheer number of positive customer reviews and returning clients have left behind. The agency accepts major credit cards, ApplePay, GooglePay, and bitcoin payments among others. All transaction channels are securely encrypted and delivery typically begins within 6 hours. The followers delivered are real and authentic. The site has a reputation for delivering non-drop real accounts and clearly laid out refund/refill policies in place. It also has a commendable customer support system. Social Boss does not offer free trials but their cheapest package of 10 followers delivered naturally for $0.99 is definitely worth a try.

2.  Socials Up

Another top-quality service provider in the market, Socials Up has several returning clients boosting its trust quotient. They promise organic followers with a non-drop guarantee if you buy Twitter followers here. They also have a money-back or refill policy clearly laid out. Their customer assistance is very friendly and responsive. This makes them a very easy-to-shop-at service provider. Although they do not have free trials, Socials Up does offer small starter packages for those who wish to try them out before making a bulk investment. The cheapest of these is the 50 Twitter followers pack for $2.89 delivered within 2-8 days.

3.  Tweetboost

Here is an agency that sells customizable targeted audiences for cheap and affordable rates. They offer 100 Twitter followers for $3.99 and have a fast drip delivery service that starts within hours of purchase. Clients affirm that the retention rate for their packages is good and that the payment process is safe and secure. Tweetboost accepts a range of payment methods to suit the needs of global clients. This is your go-to shop for organic growth in worldwide followers at a pocket-friendly rate.

4.  UseViral

UseViral delivers quality social signals to your Twitter follower count via a growth service partner Twesocial. Providing a fully managed engagement service that looks into the all-round development of your Twitter presence, the site promises you will never encounter bots in any of their deliveries. The growth service package requires a monthly subscription and starts at $49. You can create a target audience for your Twitter enhancement and you can cancel your subscription anytime. The site accepts all major forms of payment including Maestro, Mastercard, and American Express.

5.  Mr. Insta

Mr. Insta has been a reputed social media service agency for Instagram signals. They are now garnering positive reviews for their Twitter growth service too. Their Twitter followers package starts at 250 followers for $10. Plus, they have an all-time 10% rebate for first-time customers. With a 24/7 support operative and a 100% refill guarantee, this is one of the safest sites to bet your money on. Delivery of orders usually starts within 24-72 hours depending on the size of the order placed. All followers are guaranteed real and are optimized to bring organic growth to your Twitter account. The site accepts major payment methods including bitcoins.

6.  Media Mister

Consider Media Mister if you want to synchronize investments for your accounts on various social media platforms. You need to create an account with them and answer a few initial questions. This is the information the site uses to create a target audience for you. The site is known to provide high-quality followers that promote the image of your business account and attract organic engagement. The agency has excellent customer service, accepts most major credit and cryptocurrency payment modes. Their smallest package delivers 50 Twitter followers for $4.00 over the course of 1-3 working days.

7.  Boostlikes

Boostlikes has a fairly simple customer-friendly portal for buying Twitter follower packages. You simply provide the number of active Twitter followers you are looking for and the site generates what it will cost you. Their starting package of organic followers comes at a price of $67 and will add 1000 followers to your Twitter account. At present, one cannot customize a target audience package so you will receive more engagement as part of your order. You can choose to make your payment using any major credit card, PayPal, or cryptocurrency. The site has good 24/7 client support and some rave reviews from satisfied customers.

8.   Instamama

Instamama does not have too many proposals on offer. In fact, follower packages are the only service they have for Twitter growth. Nevertheless, this service has favorable reviews and returning clients because of the high retention rate. They have industry-standard competitive pricing with their smallest package offering 100 followers for $8.50. The site also lists its terms and policies very clearly. Buy Twitter followers safely here if you are looking for high-quality real followers who contribute to your engagement rate.

9.  Viralyft

Order Twitter fans from this company to give your Twitter marketing the edge it needs over your competitors. Viralyft sells only genuine social signals. They are known for their exceptional customer care, affordable pricing, and timely delivery of orders. The secure HTTPS site and SSL-encrypted payment gateway ensure that all your transactions are secure and risk-free. In case of any issues, you have a live chat with support at your disposal. You can use their live tracking feature to keep an eye on your order status. All drop-offs are given a free replacement and you can avail of this benefit for up to a year. In fact, the site explicitly stated that they will add on a few extra followers while refilling to compensate for the loss. 

10.  FollowersUp

A highly secure and encrypted service provider, FollowersUp aims to boost your Twitter profile with its products. You can be assured of genuine Twitter accounts in any order you place here. Most bulk orders are filled in a slow drip method. However, delivery starts within hours of payment processing and you can keep a live track of your order night or day. Customer support is available round-the-clock for any queries and their assistance every step of the way makes shopping here a breeze. The site, like all trusted social media service leaders, never asks for any sensitive personal information and has a clear money-back guarantee/refill policy laid out. A pack of 10 Twitter followers costs a dollar and is delivered within 24 hours. The delivery comes with a 30-day warranty. Currently, the site does not offer any free Twitter service trials though they do offer some on Instagram and TikTok services should you want to try them out before making any purchases.

11.  Venium

With a starter package of $2.99 per 100 followers, Venium is one of the cheapest legit sellers of global followers out there. They offer live tracking of orders and guarantee that all their deliveries comprise real active users. The site uses a risk-free and safe encrypted payment gateway and accepts most payment methods including cryptocurrency. If you have specific needs, they can customize your order to target your primary audience circles.

12.  Tweetangels

The packages here start at 1000 followers for the price of $29.99. All Twitter follower packages comprise real and active Twitter accounts from the USA. The smallest package promises a complete delivery within 4 weeks of order placement. This is your service seller if you are looking to grow your presence among Twitter users demographically located in the USA. If you want targeted Twitter followers, you can customize your order using keywords, industry, and locations.

Each package comes with a no-drop guarantee and promise of 100% safety. What’s more, the site often has promotional rebates going on so keep checking their homepage for an even lower price range!

13.  Getviral.io

Another service agency that offers services without ever asking for sensitive details from Twitter users is Getviral.io. Order authentic social signals here without worrying about receiving bot deliveries. The packages on offer are competitively priced. You can expect 100 fans added to your profile within 2-5 days for just $2.89. In addition to a 24/7 live support system, the site also allows you a tracking service to keep a real-time check on the status of your order. Any drops are covered in a clear refill policy. Getviral.io accepts most major credit card payments besides PayPal.

14.  Twenvy

An organic social media service agency, Twenvy has earned a name for high follower retention rates and safe real account deliveries. The site provides growth service packages that are aimed to grow online presence. All you need to do is answer a few simple questions and you are assured of highly specific targeted followers. Because the packages are aimed at overall Twitter growth, the site does not pin a definite number on the number of followers delivered on the specified Twitter profile. Rather, the packages concentrate on specifying an approximate audience reach. The individual package priced at $69 weekly, for instance, aims to bring your Twitter account traffic from 40 actual users. The site does mention, however, that on average, customers have gained 3000-5000 new followers monthly by using their growth service. 

15.  PopularUp

With a starting package of 200 Followers for $9.99, Popular Up provides some of the most competitively priced services for Twitter growth. The site often has discounts on seasonal and most wanted packages and their discounts can go as high as 70% off. This can make some of their bulk followers’ packages incredibly cheap if you are shopping here at the right time. The trick is to keep checking back for new offers and rebates, and you are sure to find legit fans for far less than you initially expect to pay! The site promises real accounts which will also add engagement to your Twitter profile. What’s more, they are really speedy in their delivery process too. Their smallest package gets delivered within 6 hours of the payment transaction. Clients buy Twitter followers here to boost their online credibility.

16.  Views Expert

Views Expert offers packages of real and active followers starting at 100 followers for $2.20. Buy Twitter followers here to avail of a guaranteed refill policy and reliable 24/7 customer support. The delivery time frame for their smallest package can take anywhere between 2 to 6 days to complete but you can track your delivery status anytime by simply writing to or calling their customer service. Views Expert uses SSL secured payment forms to ensure a secure and risk-free shopping experience for their customers.

17.  SocioBlend

If you are looking to buy Twitter followers from a quality service provider, SocioBlend may be the right choice for you. Their cheapest package offers 1000 followers for $30 with delivery starting within hours. You can connect to their customer service round the clock. The site offers a variety of Twitter engagement packages in addition to Twitter followers for a wholesome brand-building experience. In addition, they accept a wide range of payment options including but not limited to Visa, Maestro, American Express, Mastercard, Gpay, Stripe, RazorPay, Paytm, and bitcoins.

18.  FamsUp

Another company that sells social media services for a host of platforms is FamsUp. Their starter package for Twitter followers is priced at $20 and promises to deliver 500 real followers. They have a live chat support pop-up as you visit and navigate through the official website which makes it really easy for customers to have pre-purchase questions answered during the shopping experience. The smallest package is delivered within 5 days of order placement. The site accepts most major credit and debit cards including Amex as payment options. If you buy Twitter followers here, you get a full refund if delivery as per package description isn’t made within 90 days.

19.  Tweeteev

A company dedicated only to Twitter growth service, Tweeteev has the trust of several returning clients. To buy Twitter followers, you will first need to fill out a questionnaire. A dedicated account manager will be assigned to you for growing a targeted audience. The transactions on this site are completely secure and risk-free. They offer a regular plan of $15 per week which promises an overall organic growth of followers and engagement. They also have a pro plan on offer which promises to double your growth in the same period of time. If you buy Twitter followers here, you get a 15-day risk-free trial with a 100 percent refund guarantee.

Things to Consider When You Choose Your Followers Package

Now that you have a list of go-to service providers at hand, your journey into zeroing down the company most suited to your needs has only begun. Be sure to check each site for yourself before settling on the ones you feel are the best fit. To further ease this task, we have tried answering some of the most frequently asked queries regarding buying Twitter followers:

Is buying genuine Twitter followers possible?

Yes. Although the market has several phony sellers, you can buy actual Twitter followers from authentic social media sites. To avoid being tricked, consider choosing one of the social media marketing leaders to buy followers from. Most of them have been mentioned in our checklist above.

How can I determine that the delivered package indeed gave me genuine followers?

Low-quality followers have the following tell-a-tale signs:

  • They are easily identifiable as fake accounts.
  • They are real accounts but they quickly drop off from your follower counts.
  • They do nothing to contribute to the organic growth of your engagement ratio even when it is promised in the package.
  • The purchase of such followers’ packages often compromises your security or infect your device with malware.
  • The site has a sketchy money-back guarantee/ refill policy.

What is the average price range of Twitter followers’ packages?

This really depends on what size of packages you are eyeing and what delivery time suits your budgetary needs. You can get 100 cheap and legit followers for an average price of $2. Of course, there are cheaper packages too. But organic packages are usually priced on the higher side than fake followers’ packages. So do verify the seller’s authenticity before you commit to any purchases.

Will my Twitter handle run into any legal issues for purchasing followers?

Not if you are purchasing Twitter followers from a legit place. There is no law that bars you from buying real Twitter followers. You may, however, run into issues if your follower count suddenly fills up with bots. Twitter has strict rules against the use of fake accounts to increase engagement rates. This is why you must be extremely careful to invest in a package that delivers permanent followers.

Does buying Twitter followers help in growing Twitter brand presence?

Yes. Depending on how you are building up the rest of your Twitter marketing strategy, buy Twitter followers to boost your:

  • Social proof;
  • Influencing power;
  • Rank among others in your niche;
  • Social media reach;
  • Brand recognition.

How can I choose which is the best followers’ package for me?

Choose a plan that meets your budget and time requirements. Many sites offer trial packages. Consider using one such package to track exactly what changes the delivered followers bring to your social media presence before making a purchasing decision. Sometimes the cheapest package may not be the best fit for your needs. For instance, if you are an established influencer, affiliate marketer, or social figure, you will likely need more followers than a small-business Twitter account just starting out. No matter which size package you choose, go for one that will deliver organic fans.

How do I verify that the service seller is authentic?

While most Twitter follower companies look like each other at first glance, telling apart the genuine high-quality sellers from the scammers is not that hard. A genuine seller will:

  • Never ask for sensitive personal details like passwords. At best, they only need an email apart from a Twitter username.
  • Have responsive customer-support.
  • Answer all your queries clearly.
  • Have a clear money-back guarantee/refill policy in place.
  • Be reliable in delivering what they promise.
  • Work with you every step of the way.

After all, growing your Twitter presence is not just your job. They consider it theirs because satisfied customers usually transform into returning clients- something that is beneficial to their business.

What other tips would you advise for increasing authentic followers on Twitter?

All social media platforms have their own USP. For Twitter, the key lies in one’s ability to be active and engaged with a relatively high frequency. Buy real Twitter followers. But, in addition to investing in high-quality Twitter followers, your marketing strategy must make provisions for:

  • Tweeting frequently.
  • Creating tweets that are relevant to the time of tweeting, your niche, and your target audience.
  • Interacting with other accounts.
  • Responding professionally and readily to any engagement left on your account.

Consider investing in auto-scheduling tools, automated responses, and targeted ads if your budget allows you to do so in addition to purchasing real followers and other forms of Twitter engagement services. Aim to gain Twitter followers who will be active. Of course, nothing can beat letting your account attract more followers with time. The best plans are the dynamic ones that incorporate changes based on analytics and research on everyday data gathered from the account’s overall performance.

Most importantly, avoid purchasing cheap Twitter followers that can do your brand more harm than good.


Running an effective campaign with paid Twitter signals can do wonders for your profile if you have planned it smart. As you go about finalizing your purchasing decisions, keep in mind, choosing the right seller is a crucial first step. Order genuine Twitter fans to create a successful online presence on the platform. Do not be duped into using cheap but low-quality social signals when you can actually receive authentic Twitter fans for almost the same price! Use your budget wisely and invest in a trustworthy provider to build the dreamed brand image. 

Written by Monella