The 1975 Drops Video For “A Change of Heart”

The 1975 has released “A Change of Heart” as the fourth music video off of their newest album, I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it. This video follows the band’s previous single, “The Sound.”

The video for “A Change of Heart” returns to the band’s original black and white theme and stars lead singer Matty Healy. Healy is shown in a carnival with his face painted like a clown, uttering no words as he dances with a fellow mime. He and his female costar frolic through the fair together, going on rides and eating common fair foods such as popcorn.

The video features a scene of Healy with a gun that is very reminiscent of the band’s music video for “Robbers.” As the video continues, Healy becomes more aggressive and overpowering of the female. As she storms away from him, he is left dancing alone in the carnival while still trying to win back her attention.

In the end, Healy can not repair the damage that has been done and is left alone under a cloud of rain.

“A Change of Heart” was first performed live in November 2015 on the band’s UK tour. The song is one of the slower tracks on I like it when you sleep, featuring a synthesised beat and deeper vocals. This single describes falling out of a relationship and how the singer will eventually move on.

“A Change of Heart” instantly became a favourite due to the acknowledgement of lyrics from some of The 1975’s older singles. Songs such as “Robbers,” “The City” and “Sex” are mentioned in “A Change of Heart!” The song includes a play on words with lyrics such as,

“you used to have a face straight out of a magazine,”

I never found love in the city,

and “you played a part, this is how it starts.

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Written by Kirra Johnson