The 1975 Release Somebody Else Music Video

Yesterday, on 7th June, The 1975 announced they would be dropping a music video for ‘Somebody Else’, one of the most known songs from their second album, I like it when you sleep for, you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it, which came out in February this year. The single hasn’t had any promotion at all and we guess that barely anyone would have expected it to be released exactly at midnight!

‘Somebody Else’ is the fourth single from The 1975’s second album, following ‘Love Me’, ‘UGH!’ and ‘The Sound’.

The video is quite different from the other “new” music videos. Actually, we’d say it’s a bit similar to the style of the band’s music videos from their first album. As the title of the song prompts, it’s mostly about broken love and its pain. There’s a lot of discussion that it’s supposed to have some similarities to the music video for ‘Robbers’  because the concept is very similar.

The main character in the video is, of course, Matty Healy, the frontman, singer, and guitarist of The 1975. We gotta say, he is so stunning we can’t really catch our breath.

Here are some of the fans’ reactions to the ‘Somebody Else’ music video:

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