1D Fans Give Charity for Harry Styles 22nd Birthday

Harry Styles birthday is just weeks away and the fandom is already in motion donating money to various causes to celebrate his turning 22. One of the most popular ways to donate through the One Direction fandom is through 1D Fans Give and their numerous charities and auctions through the years!

For Harry’s birthday, 1D Fans Give decided to aim their donations at Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline.  The helping is the oldest gay and lesbian helpline in the UK and is an effort close to Harry’s heart.  During 1D Fans Give last charity drive for the switchboard; Harry favorited a tweet about it and also recorded a ‘Happy 40th Birthday’ message for the charity.

1D Fans Give recently met and then surpassed their goal amount for bandmate Louis Tomlinson’s birthday and with the way their drive for Harry is going; they’re going to blow this out of the park too.  With more than 3 weeks left until Harry’s birthday the drive has already met 83% of it’s goal – how incredible are One Direction fans?!

You can donate here and send a message accompanying your donation in support of what the switchboard does and the lives they save.  This is truly an incredible way to support Harry, what’s important to his heart, and to aid in helping the lives of people who can’t find comfort and solace because of their sexualities.

Harry has shown his support on more than one occasion for equal love not only being accepted, but welcomed, in not only One Direction concerts but in all aspects of his life.  We truly couldn’t think of an organization better fit to donate to in honor of such a wonderful, loving, and selfless person.

Many thanks to 1D Fans Give for choosing such an admirable charity and to the fans of One Direction for being so generous.  It’s heart warming to see what fans can do when they come together for something bigger than themselves.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.