1D Fans Give Just Met Harry Styles 22nd Birthday Charity Goal

There is truly no stopping the dedication and loyalty of One Direction fans and that has been proven once again today when 1D Fans Give announced that they met their charity goal for Harry Styles’ 22nd Birthday Drive more than a week before his special day!

We mentioned earlier this month that 1D Fans Give had picked Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline as their initiative to donate to this year and it wasn’t hard to see why.  Harry has been a supporter of equal love, acceptance, and being who you are – unapologetically – since before the days of One Direction.  One of the easiest things to love about Harry is the way his heart works.  He loves first, without conditions, and openly no matter who you are or where you came from, it’s a rare quality to see in someone of Harry’s circumstance, and how selfless he’s continued to be during his rise to fame has only made his fans value him more.

Harry dances on stage with rainbow flags, wears bracelets with rainbow patterns proudly, and speaks on his social media about all love, all encompassing acceptance, and all people deserving to be happy.  There’s never a question to his sincerity or his passion and that has inspired so many fans to bring those qualities to their own lives, thus enhancing the lives of themselves and the people around them.

When 1D Fans Give came together to create charity drives like this one for boys like Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall they may not have known it at the time, but they were providing the fan base with a place to use their own love and passion for the good of the world.  You can pick a charity at any time and donate to it from anywhere!  This allows fans to be united in their desire to change the world, and to become inspired to donate to like charities in their own cities and countries too.  What a lovely way for fans to show their support of such a wonderful group of young men.

With Harry’s birthday still being over a week away, there’s still time to donate and let Harry, 1D Fans Give, and the world know that being a fan of One Direction goes much deeper than liking their music, it inspires a group of young people to alter the world in which they live to be more fair, more comfortable, and more loving for everyone.

You can also check out three items for auction in honor of Harry’s 22nd birthday here, here, and here.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.