1D fans trend #7MonthsWithoutZayn

Zayn Malik quits 1D on the 25th of March, 2015. And it’s been 7 months now, so the reason for the trend #7MonthsWithoutZayn

Ever since then, the 1D Fans have not failed a single time to memorize about it, every month.

It was a very hard time for all us to cope with, and no one ever thought we could ever get over it, but I think we lot are doing pretty well?

No seriously. It’s been 7 months now since then and it has went so swiftly. So many changes, so many improvements, so many singles and an album coming up  to listen to, so many concert moments from our boys and so on.

Zayn Malik seems to be really happy too. He has been working on his own, chilling and relaxing a little bit, taking his own time. And I think this tweet says it all?

And the 1D boys are too taking a break after this year, which they very much deserve.

Anyways guys, we think it’s all good for the moment, as both the parties are happy but how do you guys feel about this being a monthly routine? Repetitive? Consoling?

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Written by CelebMix