20 Best 5 Seconds of Summer Quotes

The Australian pop punk band 5 Seconds of Summer have been celebrating a lot of success in the past months. Their second studio album Sounds Good Feels Goodreleased on 23rd October 2015, was on top of many musical charts. The album includes the singles “She’s Kinda Hot”, “Hey Everybody” and “Jet Black Heart”.

We’ve decided to make a list of our favourites quotes from the 5SOS boys. We chose five quotes per band member. Some from their Twitter accounts, some from interviews… These are our favourites.

Michael Clifford (guitar, vocals)

  • “Let’s play Titanic. You be the iceberg and I’ll go down.”
  • “Real bands save fans, real fans save bands.”
  • “I’m pringle. That’s like single but hungry.”
  • “There’s no better feeling than being called someone’s sunshine… You’re my sunshine.”
  • “Happy women’s day. If you’re a dude, don’t be a dick.”

Ashton Irwin (drums, vocals)

  • “Love hurts, but sometimes it’s a good hurt and it feels like I’m alive.”
  • “Some people are sass monsters on Twitter. Like honey, you need to chill.”
  • “I’ve only got forever and forever is fine.”
  • “I always wanted to be in a band with a bunch of dudes who loved Green Day and all that.”
  • “Tadpoles are baby turtles.”

Luke Hemmings (vocals, guitar)

  • “Find something that makes you happy and don’t let anyone tak it away from you.”
  • “We live in a world that someone can say anything about anyone and it can be seen as the truth.”
  • “A band that showers together, stays together.”
  • “Friendship is like peeing yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling it brings.”
    • “It should be about happiness, always.”

Calum Hood (bass, vocals)

  • “People don’t become gay, bisexual, pansexual, transexual. People just fall in love with another person.”
  • “Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping them up. Please, try to be nice to people.”
  • “You need a hug, once in a while.”
  • “I swear if I had a clone of myself, we’d be best buds.”
  • “My life is one constant songwriting session.”

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Written by CelebMix