The 20 Biggest Grossing Concerts Worldwide Of 2016 So Far Are Revealed!

So far, a fury of artists have embarked on worldwide tours that have filled stadiums with endless laughter, crying, random bursts of euphoria, etc.

Whether an act sings to an emotional-filled ballad or a rampaging dance pop record, concerts are the definite places to go when you need to let loose and feel the lovely sound of music.

With that being said, we have snatched a list from Pollstar in regards to the top 20 biggest grossing tours worldwide of 2016 (so far). Accordingly so and as stated by the site:

The Top 20 Global Concert Tours ranks artists by average box office gross per city and includes the average ticket price for shows Worldwide. The list is based on data provided to the trade publication Pollstar by concert promoters and venue managers.

Solo recording artist Beyonce, tops the list grossing approximately 5.8 million per show, as well as group acts like Maroon 5 (#3) and Little Mix (#14), grossing around 2.1 million and $649,659 respectively.

The 20 Biggest Grossing Concerts Worldwide Are Revealed! Beyonce, Rihanna, Little Mix, & More! 2

Rihanna also makes the top 10 list, rounding in at #8 grossing around 1.1 million per show! The list ends with James Taylor whose earnings per show round up at about $474,081!

Special highlights from the top 20 global concert tours list includes the Dixie Chicks who have made the list with this special tour after not touring for over 10 years! U.K. vocal group Little Mix, while landing in at #14, have the highest grossing tour for a girl group this decade so far. This also includes the biggest girl group tour of the year, globally. Despite not touring South & North America, the girl group is expected to hit these areas next year when they release their fourth studio album.

The 20 Biggest Grossing Concerts Worldwide Are Revealed! Beyonce, Rihanna, Little Mix, & More! 3

Mariah Carey’s residency show in Las Vegas has made great numbers and many critics continue their applause for the iconic singers voice despite wearing after decades of memorable hits. Leach from the Vegas Sun says that Carey, “”is the highest-pitched contemporary pop singer of the decade”.

Check out the full list below:

  1. Beyonce; $5,840,123; $125.18.

  2. Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band; $3,592,694; $120.87.

  3. Maroon 5; $2,198,012; $58.39.

  4. Justin Bieber; $1,773,541; $100.23.

  5. Kenny Chesney; $1,457,719; $61.59.

  6. Black Sabbath; $1,334,109; $94.72.

  7. Ricky Martin; $1,195,556; $77.99.

  8. Rihanna; $1,189,886; $88.46.

  9. Iron Maiden; $1,057,916; $64.08.

  10. The Who; $998,737; $88.62.

  11. Luke Bryan; $806,888; $67.91.

  12. Carrie Underwood; $744,908; $67.06.

  13. Dixie Chicks; $650,474; $60.62.

  14. Little Mix; $649,659; $48.87.

  15. Bryan Adams; $607,653; $66.15.

  16. Mariah Carey; $598,330; $65.62.

  17. Selena Gomez; $586,331; $67.57.

  18. Andre Rieu; $563,828; $79.08.

  19. Jason Aldean; $528,115; $59.41.

  20. James Taylor; $474,081; $77.76.

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Written by Dannii C.

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