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20 Songs Luke Hemmings Co-Wrote

It’s Luke’s birthday week here on CelebMix so we’re bringing you an article of 20 songs Luke co-wrote on both of 5SOS’ albums and EPs.

20. Broken Home

This song means a lot to the 5SOS fandom. About 50% of marriages now days end in divorce and that’s what this song is about. The song is from a girls point of view and her parents are going through a nasty divorce. The song goes on to talk about how throughout everything that’s going on, everyone seems to forget about her and how she’s feeling. This was one of the last written songs on 5SOS’ sophomore album Sounds Good Feels Good (deluxe edition).

19. Disconnected

Disconnected appears on the She Looks So Perfect EP. It’s not available digitally, you can only get the song if you bought the physical copy of the album. Everyone is so wrapped up in their phones nowadays, this song talks about putting all of that down and just being in the moment.

18. Permanent Vacation

Lyrically Permanent Vacation is a lot like Rejects and that’s why fans love it. The song talks about how you don’t need to fit the social norm and go to work from 9 to 5. It’s okay to want more from life than to sit and do the same thing every day.

17. Wrapped Around Your Finger

Wrapped Around Your Finger is without a doubt the 5 Seconds of Summer fandom favorite. It’s not just the emotion the guys put into the song when they sing it live or the way the song sounds, the fans love the lyrics. This song is about being wrapped around someone’s finger and being willing to do almost anything to get them to be yours. Mention this song to almost any 5SOS fan and you’ll get a speech about how much they love it.

16. Beside You

This is one of 5SOS’ slower songs. It was originally on their Somewhere New EP and the band re-sung the song for their debut album. This song was written about leaving someone when all you want is to be next to them. Hence the lyrics, “I wish I was, I wish I was, beside you.”

15. Kiss Me Kiss Me

Lyrically, this song is almost the opposite of Beside You. The other person is leaving instead of the narrator. Kiss Me Kiss Me talks about going out and having fun as a teenager and not caring what happens but wanting to know if the other person is going to come back to you.

14. Lost Boy

Lost Boy is another one of 5SOS’ love songs. The song leads you to believe that whoever the narrator is singing about has left and they don’t really know what to do. “Without you, I’m a lost boy come find me I’m a lost boy ’cause without you, I’m a lost boy.”

13. Invisible

This song goes hand in hand with Broken Home. Broken Home focuses more on family while Invisible focuses on a person’s feelings. It talks about feeling like you’re gone and nobody even notices.

12. Out of My Limit

This song also appeared on the Somewhere New EP and then was re-done for 5SOS’s debut album. Out of My Limit is available on the Target only version of the album. OOML talks about how the girl the narrator likes is too good for them but they still want her to notice them.

11. Too Late

Again, we have another love song by 5SOS but this one was released on their Unplugged EP. If you’ve ever missed out on your chance with someone, you will definitely relate to this song.

10. If You Don’t Know

This song is another fan favorite. The band has said it’s hard to perform so they don’t very often. Fans go crazy at concerts when the band does perform this song and videos circulate all over Twitter of Calum’s solo.

9. Castaway

If you’ve ever gone through a break-up where the other person just up and left, this song is perfect for you. Castaway is centered around that whole theme.

8. Social Casualty

If you love standing out and being different, this is the song for you. It’s about kids not wanting to become victims of the way society runs.

7. Fly Away

This was the first released song from 5SOS’ second album Sounds Good Feels Good. Calum had even tweeted some lyrics to this song months before the album was announced. Fly Away is about wanting to get away and travel the world.

6. Heartbreak Girl

“I dedicate this song to you, the one who never sees the truth, that I can take away your hurt, heartbreak girl.” This is a popular song in the 5SOS fandom. It was 5SOS’ second official music video and it has 41 million views and counting.

5. Wherever You Are

This song isn’t on an album or an EP, but the band still made a video for it. We don’t recommend listening to it if you’re sad, you might start crying.

4. Catch Fire

5SOS write a lot of love songs but the 5SOSFam love every single one of them, including this one. The lyrics lead you to believe that the narrator messed up and now their partner has left them and they’re trying to get them back.

3. Money

You almost have to scream the first line to this song and the chorus. Money is more of a party song because of its fast tempo and lyrics. “TAKE MY MONEY, TAKE MY KEYS. DRIVE THIS CAR THROUGH THE DRIVE-THRU PLEASE.”

2. Try Hard

Try Hard is the 3rd song 5SOS made a music video for. It has 35 million views and counting. This song was re-done and re-released on the Don’t Stop EP in 2014.

1. Unpredictable

Last but certainly not least, Unpredictable. Unpredictable is the only song on the Somewhere New EP that was not re-sung and re-released. It’s still a fandom favorite despite that.


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