20 Songs That Remind Us Of Luke Hemmings

In just a couple of days, 5 Seconds of Summer’s lead man, Luke Hemmings, will be twenty years old. The baby of the band is growing up and to celebrate we’ve created a list composed of twenty songs that reminds us of Luke.

1. Miles Away – The Maine

The song lyric “In mind I am miles away,” perfectly describes Luke

2. A Daydream Away – All Time Low


He’s just a daydream away. Or in our case, maybe a fan-fiction away.

3. Hell Nos And Headphones – Hailee Steinfeld

In the 5SOS DVD he talked about music being his escape. When he was on a crowded school bus it’d be headphones in and and the world out for him.

4. Young God – Halsey

He truly is a young god in our eyes.

5. Ever After – Marianas Trench


He’s our perfect disaster. He’s our ever after.

6. Play Date – Melanie Martinez

Let’s be honest, we really do care about this boy a lot and we think about him everyday.

7. The Anthem – Good Charlotte

Good Charlotte is his favorite band and this tune describes a younger him. He didn’t want to be another trend and he didn’t want to be like all the rest. Look at him now.

8. YOUTH – Troye Sivan

Our youth is his and we’re totally okay with it.

9. No Idea | All Time Low

Do we really need to explain this one?

10. Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol

The 5SOS boys surprised us with a performance of this tune at Sounds Live Feels Live and we’re still not over it!

11. What’s My Age Again – blink 182

Uh, what’s his age again? We think he turns 10 soon. He’ll be hitting the double digits.

12. Girls & Boys – Good Charlotte

Luke has stated before that Girls & Boys is his favorite Good Charlotte tune and we still can’t believe the 5SOS boys got the opportunity to perform it with the Madden brothers at ROWYSO.

13. Tear In My Heart – twenty øne piløts

The songs on the radio are okay, but our taste in music is his face.

14. Fire n Gold – Bea Miller

This tune is about knowing it’s okay not to be okay, a topic that’s very important to Luke and rest of 5SOS. Oh, and there’s also this really cool 5SOS edit with the song in it!

15. A Drop In The Ocean – Ron Pope

Four years ago he covered this song in his bed room when no one knew who he was. Who knew we’d all end up praying we’ll end up together?

16. Superman – Joe Brooks

In an interview Luke said this would be the song he dedicated to a girl. You can be our Superman any day, Luke Hemmings.

17. Smile – Avril Lavigne

He’s without a doubt the reason we smile.

18. Holiday – Green Day

The song a younger Luke sang at the top of his lungs over and over until it drove his father crazy.

19. Smash Into You – Hey Violet

This Hey Violet tune is about living recklessly and in the moment, something 5SOS have written about before, in tunes like Never Be.

20. Waste The Night – 5 Seconds of Summer

This 5SOS tune seems to fit Luke perfectly. When talking about the writing of the song Zakk Cervini said, “Luke went in and laid down the chorus and it just clicked. It’s a really simple song, but it’s a different song for 5 Seconds of Summer. Luke is a really chilled, relaxed guy, and that song is similar [to him].”


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Written by CelebMix