20 Times Calum Hood Has Made Fans Happy

Happy birthday to Calum Hood! To celebrate the big day, we have posted a listicle each day since the 18th of January to highlight some of the positive moments in his life so far.

Calum has done so much for the fans and for some of them, he is what keeps them going strong. So today, we decided to gather up 20 of the times that he has made fans happy, and share them with you!

20. When he sent a fan this adorable selfie over Twitter

19. When he bought a fan tickets to his band’s concert since they couldn’t afford the price


18. When he created a Spotify playlist for the fans titled “For You, From Me.”

17. When he tweeted out how fans bring out his smile

16. When he bonded with “RJ,” a tour dog

15. That time he couldn’t find his ride

14. When he Tweeted about how much he cares about his fans

13. When part of the How Did We End Up Here movie was released and Calum talked about his songwriting and about himself

12. When he made this face in a red carpet interview

11. When it took him three tries to understand what a fan was telling him

10. Whenever he has used a Snapchat filter

9. Whenever he has laughed at one of his bandmates jokes

8. When he played bandmate Ashton Irwin’s drums on stage

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7. The time he let the world know how proud he was of his bandmates

6. When he read a poem that he wrote when he was six

5. When he held hands, or should we say paws, with a couple of dogs


4. When he was beyond ecstatic that the fans won an award for “Best Fan Army”

3. The time he made faces into a camera during a Livestream

2. When he performed this heavenly solo

1. Any time that he has ever taken time out of his busy schedule to meet fans

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Calum Hood has put many of his fans at their happiest points over his career and continues to do so today. Thank you Calum, for the endless laughs and smiles!

Let us know how Calum has ever made you happy by commenting below or tweeting us @CelebMix


Written by CelebMix