2015 has not been a good year for Directioners…

2015 is barely half over and the Directioners are already struggling to cope with all the drama that has been thrown at them…

But what’s so special about this year?

2015 is the 5th year of One Direction being a band, and the 5th year is notorious in the history of music for being the year that bands start to fall apart. These fallouts and breakups usually stem from having been together constantly for the last 5 years, recording, promoting and touring – in the case of One Direction, who have been touring for almost 3 consecutive years, stress levels could have reached an all time high.

The drama started with Zayn leaving the band on March 25th, amidst rumours of him cheating on his fiance with a girl in Thailand, followed by him leaving the tour due to stress, before finally announcing his departure from One Direction after more than 4 incredible years. This alone was enough to break the hearts of millions of Directioners around the world, leaving people in little sobbing puddles everywhere. The fact that Naughty Boy seemed to have a hand in this did not help either.

Then it came to light that apparently Louis had broken up with Eleanor, quite a while ago, in fact, because they weren’t able to cope with the stress of Louis being away more than 9 months of the year.

The next major event came in the form of baby rumours swirling around Louis, more commonly known as “Babygate”. One of Louis’ friends, L.A. based stylist Briana Jungwirth, suddenly became the centre of a baby rumours whirlwind, with photos of them at various clubs together suddenly surfacing and going viral. At first Directioners were skeptical, but when reputable sources such as Yahoo! News and Billboard started to verify the news, we had no choice but to believe the rumours. They were then further supported when Simon Cowell apparently gave Louis advice, new father to expecting father, and then told news sources that he was sure Louis would step up to the challenge.

Speaking of Simon Cowell, he has also been cited as saying that after One Direction release their 5th studio album, they will take a break from being a band to pursue solo projects. Then, if they still want to, they’ll get back together as a band.

“They’ve got enough hits now they can take some time off and do some other stuff they want to do. Then I hope they’ll have a little bit of time apart and want to get back together again. It’s a fun job, but it’s absolutely their decision.” 

Simon gave this information to The Sun which is quite infamous at this point for heightening rumours regarding One Direction, but who knows? Maybe they are telling the truth this time.

During all of this side drama, Mr. Zain Javad Malik went and landed himself a record deal with RCA records. He took to Twitter to finally explain his departure from One Direction, following that up with photos of him signing his new record deal. RCA Records also tweeted a photo of Zayn with his new producers. And if that wasn’t enough, photos have surface of Zayn’s new EP, that will probably be released soon.

2015 has not been a good year for Directioners... 4 2015 has not been a good year for Directioners... 5

True, during all of this, One Direction did release a wildly successful single, Drag Me Down, which topped charts around the world and shattered records everywhere, especially since it was a complete surprise drop with no warning beforehand. Zayn tweeted at One Direction after the release giving them his support, something that made the whole fandom awwww in happiness and the phrase “MY BOYS” trend #1 worldwide. Some speculate that the timing of the single was meant to undermine Zayn’s new signing but I don’t think these boys hold grudges – they love each other like family, they would never want to hurt each other.

Then yesterday, One Direction went on good Morning America to play a set and have an interview. Around 2:39, Michael Strahan brings up Louis becoming a father.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrjueYEjTw0&w=560&h=315]

However, never once does he ask if the rumours are true – instead, he simply congratulates Louis and asks him how he’s feeling, with Louis responding and saying that he’s “Buzzin'”. This does seem like confirmation of the Babygate rumours, and I may just be a skeptic myself, but to me he didn’t exactly look “Buzzin'”. His smile seemed more forced than happy, and none of his bandmates appeared too chuffed either – they pretty much had straight faces. But to the general public it now seems as though these rumours have been confirmed.

And finally, Zayn’s last bombshell dropped. As of this morning, rumours have been spreading that apparently Zerrie are no longer together – the last technically One Direction couple (after Sophiam) have split. Zerrie, that one couple that stood the test of time, survived the constant touring, survived the rumours, survived everything, has finally split. Even though there is no concrete proof, all the images of Zerrie appear to have been deleted from Zayn’s Instagram (www.instagram.com/niazkilam) and earlier today, Jesy Nelson of Little Mix posted this on her Instagram:


If you didn’t notice what was missing, let me tell you – Perrie’s engagement ring. According to Zayn’s representatives, he called her 2 weeks ago to basically let her know that they were done. She has apparently been “devastated” but has had to keep a strong exterior due to all the promotion Little Mix have been doing recently (Source: MTV). Less than 3 weeks ago, Perrie posted a photo of her and Zayn together with the caption “Love ma man!”



Also, fueling rumours that the pair may have gotten married in secret, a video was posted on Little Mix’s Instagram where Perrie referred to herself as “Perrie Malik”. It seems as though all the girls were referring to themselves with their boyfriend’s surnames, but the band seems to have taken down the video since then.

Even with these rumours of Zerrie splitting up it is entirely possible that she just took off her engagement ring to lie by the pool and all the websites have just created stories around that photo, but no one really knows. I get that this is all Zayn’s choice, but it seems to me as though he’s trying to cut off all ties to everything during his 1D era, and I just find that really upsetting…

UPDATE: Perrie has confirmed that her and Zayn have ended things.



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