21 of Casey Moreta’s Best/Funniest Moments

Casey Moreta, lead guitarist of pop-punk band Hey Violet, is twenty-one years old today. To celebrate his birthday, we’ve created a list of his best and funniest moments. From his talent filled guitar solos to his bromance with 5 Seconds of Summer’s lead guitarist, Michael Clifford, here are 21 of Casey’s best moments!

1. The Iconic “Don’t Pick Flowers” Video

2. The Cheese Rant


3. When 5SOS’s Luke Hemmings Did This

4. What’s In A Lovelis Sandwich? A Feisty Casey Moreta.

21 of Casey Moreta's Best/Funniest Moments 1

5. His First Guitar Tutorial

6. When His Face Started A Prank War

7. His Guitar Solo In ‘You Don’t Love Me Like You Should’

8. What Are You Implying Moreta?

9. He Has To Make Sure Because He Only Wears Black

21 of Casey Moreta's Best/Funniest Moments 2

10. This Beautiful Part In ‘I’m There’

21 of Casey Moreta's Best/Funniest Moments 3

11. When He And The Band Raided Roy English’s Closet

21 of Casey Moreta's Best/Funniest Moments 1

12. When 5SOS Pranked The Band During Their Set

13. His First Video Diary

14. His Second Video Diary

15. The Edgar vs. Buddy Argument

Here we have an entire section dedicated to moments when Casey expressed his love for Michael Clifford. Enjoy!

16. When They Were Trying To Text Each Other

17. How Can We Forget This

18. He Needed His Faves Approval

19. Filming His Man Crush’s ‘Speech’

20. This Beautiful Masey Moment

21. The Handshake At The TCAs

21 of Casey Moreta's Best/Funniest Moments 2

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Written by CelebMix