22 of Ashton Irwin’s Best Tweets

Ashton Irwin‘s birthday is on July 7th and in honor of his birthday, we are bringing you twenty-two of his best tweets from the past few years! Ashton is the drummer and backing vocalist for the Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer.

*These tweets are in no particular order.


22. Can Openers

21. Caps in DMs

20. Sass Monsters

19. XOX

18. Making Music

17. Hang in There

16. Be Who You Are

15. Judging

14. Love Music

13. #5SOSFamily

12. Happy

11. Material World

10. Being You

9. On Your Own

8. Photo Copies

7. Depression & Anxiety

6. Bands

5. Forgetting Lyrics

4. Perfect

3. Important

2. Popcorn

1. The Emo’s


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Written by CelebMix