22 of Harry Styles’ Best Tattoos

To celebrate the fact that everyone’s favourite boybander is turning 22 soon, we decided to take a look at Harry Styles’ best tattoos. It was no easy task, but we managed to compile a list of our 22 favourites.

22. The Packers’ logo

22 of Harry Styles' best tattoos 1

Harry Styles just might be the biggest Green Bay Packers fan out there – not only does he own multiple jerseys and a Green Bay Packers toaster that toasts the Packers logo onto his bread with, he also has this lovely tattoo to show his love for the Wisconsin football team.

21. Never Gonna Dance Again

22 of Harry Styles' best tattoos 1

Who doesn’t love a bit of George Michael? We certainly do, and if these tattoos are anything to go by, so does Harry.

20. His skeleton tattoo

22 of Harry Styles' best tattoos 2

A bit quirky this one, but cool nonetheless.

19. The rose

22 of Harry Styles' best tattoos 3

This one is just really beautifully done and we love the fact that Haz got it in such a prominent place.

18. Might As Well

22 of Harry Styles' best tattoos 4

Sadly this one has now been covered up by Harry’s fern tattoos, but the mysterious ‘Might As Well’ tattoo will always hold a special place in our hearts.

17. The birth years of his parents

22 of Harry Styles' best tattoos 5

Because Harry is nothing if not a family man.

16. His toe tattoo

22 of Harry Styles' best tattoos 6

Harry’s toe tattoo has been a mystery for years, but he recently revealed the story behind it in an interview with James Corden – and it’s not as thrilling as we’d hoped. He just inked the word ‘BIG’ on his own big toe. That’s it.

15. Won’t Stop ‘Till We Surrender

22 of Harry Styles' best tattoos 7

Harry got this one done only two months after his infamous night in Wellington when he tweeted the lyrics to Sweet Disposition by the Temper Trap and sent half of his fans into a frenzy. Though this line has been slightly altered from the one in Sweet Disposition, we think it’s safe to say that that is the song Harry’s referencing with this (now faded) tattoo.

14. The butterfly on his stomach

22 of Harry Styles' best tattoos 8

Getting a massive butterfly tattooed on your stomach is just a very Harry thing to do if you ask us. Bonus points for how the top part of the tattoo looks like a smiling mouth, with Harry’s nipples as the eyes.

13. His mermaid tattoo

22 of Harry Styles' best tattoos 9

When a fan asked Harry why he got this one, his answer was simple: “I am a mermaid”. Can’t argue with that, can you?

12. The anatomical heart on his arm

22 of Harry Styles' best tattoos 10

Besides the fact that this is one just looks really cool, we like to think that Harry is now constantly going around making puns about ‘wearing his heart on his sleeve’.

11. His fern tattoos

22 of Harry Styles' best tattoos 11

Although we’re truly saddened by the fact that these lovely tattoos cover up Harry’s ‘Might As Well’ tattoo, we’re also very thankful that this gives us yet another excuse to stare at his body.

10. Brasil!

22 of Harry Styles' best tattoos 12

Just another day in the life of Harry Styles: get the name of the country you’re in tattooed dangerously high on your thigh, then proceed to drop your jeans in front of 60.000 people to show it off. Thanks, Harry.

9. His swallow tattoos

22 of Harry Styles' best tattoos 13

A fandom favourite: The swallows on Harry’s chest. And we gotta be honest here, these tattoos do leave us with some unanswered questions. Why did Harry decide to cover up the love banner tattoo underneath the left swallow? Why is one bird bigger than the other? And wait, do birds even have eyebrows?

8. Half a heart on his chest

22 of Harry Styles' best tattoos 2

Now that the mystery of the toe tattoo is resolved and we even found out what Harry’s mysterious thigh tattoo is, it’s time for One Direction fans to investigate this one. Did Harry really get half a heart tattooed on his chest? And if so, who has the other half? (Louis, if you happen to read this, send some pics of your chest our way please and thank you)

7. HI

22 of Harry Styles' best tattoos 14

The fandom-accepted explanation for this tattoo seems almost too good to be true. Could it really be that Harry got the first word Louis ever said to him tattooed in Louis’ handwriting? Another mystery we’d like to see solved.

6. Late Late

22 of Harry Styles' best tattoos 3

After losing a game of Tattoo Roulette on the Late Late Show, Harry had to get the words “Late Late” tattooed. Which he did, looking happier than ever. We think this one’s Niall’s favourite.


22 of Harry Styles' best tattoos 15

A tribute to one of our favourite celebrity friendships. When Ed Sheeran mentioned to Harry that he wanted to get a Pingu bro-tat, Harry just went ‘Alright then’ and so it happened.

4. The tiger on his thigh

22 of Harry Styles' best tattoos 16

We all know that the One Direction fandom went through a lot in 2015, with a band member leaving and a bunch of break-up rumours on top of that. But ask any One Direction fan what the worst part of 2015 was and the answer will inevitably be: ‘not knowing what Harry’s thigh tattoo was for over six months’. Or maybe not. For us, it really was.

3. His ship tattoo

22 of Harry Styles' best tattoos 17

Harry does seem to have a thing for nautical tattoos, doesn’t he? The fascinating thing about this tattoo is that a certain someone got a compass tattooed in the exact same style, within 24 hours of Hazza getting this one. Interesting, isn’t it?

2. I Can’t Change

22 of Harry Styles' best tattoos 18

Buckle up, ’cause here comes another story concerning Harry and Louis. It is widely believed that this tattoo refers to Rise Against’s ‘Make It Stop’, a song that Harry and Louis saw performed live at Leeds Festival 2011. Both lads wore their Leeds wristbands for months afterwards and when Harry’s finally fell off, he replaced it with this tattoo.

1. His anchor tattoo

22 of Harry Styles' best tattoos 4

Another nautical tattoo and unarguably our favourite. Covering up his ‘I Can’t Change’ tattoo, Harry got the anchor in January 2014. It’s rather strange though that Harry’s anchor is lacking a rope… but maybe he found another way to take care of that. We think he did.

If you want to see more of Harry’s tattoos, check out this website. Any tattoos we should’ve included in this list? And what’s your favourite? Let us know over at @CelebMix or @CelebMix1D!

Written by CelebMix