22 of Harry Styles’ best tweets

To celebrate the fact that our favourite curly haired, sparkly-boots-wearing boybander reaches the ripe age of 22 this week, we take a look at his best tweets. It took us some digging through Harry’s countless tweets thanking fans from [insert city] for being an amazing crowd, but we managed to compile a list with both classics and hidden gems. Here we go.

22 of Harry Styles' best tweets 1

22. When he shared his wardrobe related concerns with us

We’d like to see this happen.

21. When he talked about his experiences on the road

No idea who you’ve been carpooling with besides James Corden but no Harry, you’re probably not the only one who doesn’t floss while driving.

20. Spreading this truth

Can’t disagree with him on this one, can you?

19. Harry Styles and the Numb Body Parts

To be continued, probably.

18. Asking the question that all of us wish we never asked

We’ve all been there.

17. Expressing his love for a certain movie

Hey Harry, we know another One Direction member who really loves Grease… maybe you could watch it together sometimes?

16. When he was all of us

Who hasn’t done this at least once?

15. This (not so thrilling) saga

A man of few words, that Harry Styles.

14. This rather interesting tweet

We’d like to know what exactly went down in the Styles household for this tweet to happen, but we have some ideas…

13. This joke

It’s even better when you open the picture in the tweet Harry replied to. As we have argued before in this article, Harry Styles is One Direction’s funniest member.

12. When he persistently ignored the fact that One Direction’s album leaked

Our favourite time of the year: One Direction Album Leak Season. Since there isn’t any real harm done as 1D’s wonderful fans buy the album anyway, it’s always fun to watch any of the boys pretending it didn’t happen.

11. When he and Nick Grimshaw fought their issues out online

Don’t worry, Gryles is still going strong. Nick was just replying to one of Harry’s tweets in which he teased some Hey Angel lyrics and Harry didn’t hesitate to hit back with another joke.

10. Opening up about Louis’ toilet habits

Another one of those tweets that have us wondering what goes down in the Styles household.

9. Opening up about Liam’s problems

We could make a cheesy joke about how Harry makes us drool as well, but we won’t.

8. When he was living the dream

Our invite probably got lost in the mail.

7. When he was full of great advice

Funny, Harry. It’s not like anyone would really do that. Certainly not us. No.

6. When he was very happy and maybe a little bit drunk


Add to this tweet the rare footage we have of this night and yeah – we’re pretty sure Harry was having a lot of fun in Wellington in April 2012.

5. More great advice

Curious advice coming from a guy who has been eating banana’s in front of thousands of people for years, but we’ll take it anyway.

4. When he was his lovely supportive self

A true classic: one of the first times Harry openly voiced his support for the LGBTQ+ community. Thinking of how many times he has done the same thing since then never fails to warm our hearts.

3. When he studied rainbows

One of Harry’s most popular tweets – though there has been a bit of discussion about what it exactly means. We’re sure he’ll explain in due time.

2. When he got us all crying our eyes out

The perfect mixture of emotional and funny – thanking his fans for the support, but not letting the opportunity slide to reference his audition song. We love you, Harry.

1. When he came up with this beautiful motto

Harry Styles, you truly are an inspiration to us all. Happy birthday.

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Written by CelebMix