22 times Harry was the glue of One Direction

One Direction wouldn’t be the same without any of the boys, especially without Harry.  He brings so much talent, energy, and passion to the band – both in performance and behind the scenes.  In so many ways he’s the ‘glue’ of 1D.  It’s almost Harry’s 22nd birthday so we’ve compiled 22 times Harry was the glue of One Direction. Enjoy.

22. When Harry picked up Louis

Harry has been the glue of One Direction since the very beginning. When 1D were first formed on the X Factor Harry celebrated by carrying his newfound bandmate around the stage, showing an incredible bond that had already started.

21. The X Factor 2015 hug

22 times Harry was the glue of One Direction 1

Five years later and Harry is still bringing the band together, literally. After the boys performed on the X Factor 2015 final (one of their last appearances before the hiatus) they ended with the cutest of group hugs – and Harry was right in the middle.

20. Oh Baby Yeah

Harry brings so much LIFE  to 1D concerts. The way he owns the stage is amazing. “Oh baby yeah,” anyone? Here’s a compilation of him saying just that obvs.

19. Engaging with fans on stage

Harry always makes an effort to engage with fans in the crowd. He throws water on them (we’re sure they love that), tells them jokes and even learns their language. Here he is enjoying some Swedish banter.

18. “We’ve had a technical difficulty!”


There was that time the boys had a technical difficulty on stage at the O2 in London and Harry made sure everyone knew – in true Harry style.

17. His live vocals


It’s very rare to finds an artist who sounds even better in live performance than they do on the recording – Harry is one of those. His Drag Me Down chorus, though. Our ears are blessed!

16. ‘Where Do Broken Hearts Go’ with Ronnie Wood

Speaking of live performances, One Direction’s rendition of Where Do Broken Hearts Go featuring Ronnie Wood quickly became a fandom favourite. Harry BROUGHT IT and in doing so changed the perception of 1D from boyband to respectable artists.

15. When Liam kissed Harry


Even Liam knows how much Harry brings to the band when they’re on stage; after performing  Infinity on The X Factor 2015, Liam kissed Harry to congratulate him on his fantastic vocals.

14. When 1D went to Ghana for Comic Relief

22 times Harry was the glue of One Direction 1

When the boys travelled to Ghana to do charity work for Comic Relief in 2013 Harry got so involved. His contribution and his compassion was admirable, we were all reminded of how special Harry really is.

13. When Harry actually, um, answered questions

Whilst having a chat with Yahoo way back in 2014, the boys were obviously really excited about their brand new autobiography – who wouldn’t be? But when things got a bit rowdy it was Harry that made sure to pay attention to the interviewer, even if the other boys were a bit distracted by photos of themselves.

12. When H saved awkward interviews

Harry has made a bit of a habit of saving interviews from becoming awkward in the face of intrusive questions. Here’s a perfect example: when asked about Taylor Swift (for the millionth time) Harry does a good job of laughing it off and giving a diplomatic answer.

11. When he made a joke of an awkward Zayn question

There he goes again, salvaging awkward situations. Recently 1D have inevitably been asked about Zayn leaving the band. In this interview with Ellen (QUEEN) Harry manages to steer the boys away from serious Zayn chat by saying “Let’s make some jokes.” Yes, Harry.

10. …and again. “Zebra!”


In this interview with Loose Women, the host wanted to talk about the “Z word” – which is ‘zebra’, obvs, not ‘Zayn’… Harry made sure everyone was clear about that.

9. When he brought an element of style to 1D

Remember the 2015 AMAs when Harry wore that floral suit? How could we forget? Of course, Louis and Liam had absolutely no clue which designers they were wearing but Harry was proud to announce his Gucci suit. This is why we love him.

8. The Ant and Dec prank

22 times Harry was the glue of One Direction 2

Harry has always been one of the most helpful members of One Direction, and this prank was no exception. When a super-excited fan (who was actually Dec in disguise) collapsed – Harry was the first to bring an oxygen mask and a loving embrace.

7. The pregnant prank

The same thing happened when Louis and Zayn pranked the other boys with a pregnant TV producer. Harry was fully prepared to help a woman give birth, whilst Niall just, um, sat there. Out of all the boys Harry was definitely the most proactive when faced with a crisis. He’s just too helpful. We kinda feel bad that he got pranked but this video is still hilarious.

6. The serial Quickfire champion

Waaaaayyyy back in the good old X Factor days, One Direction created an iconic YouTube series called Quickfire. Even in the early days we knew Harry was special; he always won even though he never participated in the game. How does that boy do it? Unfortunately the original videos were taken down but all four episodes have been uploaded together right here.

5. Spin the Harry

Spin the Harry: what a classic. That game just wouldn’t have been possible without Harry’s spinning abilities. Why wasn’t Spin the Harry commissioned for another series? We’ll never know.

4. Tattoo Roulette


When James Corden of The Late Late Show thought it was a good idea to play Tattoo Roulette on live TV (why?!) poor Harry had to take one for the team. He’s always been a good sport.

3. When he smashed ‘Torn’ at Judges’ Houses

One Direction’s cover of ‘Torn’ by Natalie Imbruglia was their first performance as a newly-formed band. Whilst Louis and Niall seemed to take a bit of a step back, Harry took the lead and did a phenomenal job of the chorus. Even as a 16-year old he was an incredible performer and really contributed to the early magic of 1D.

2. ‘Torn’ in the Radio 1 Live Lounge

One Direction decided to finish their first chapter how they started it: with ‘Torn’. This song has become a special symbolic reminder of the band’s journey together, and Harry’s chorus is still as moving now as it was in 2010. His contribution to the group has only become more and more valuable.

1. The Brit Awards 2014

Everybody remembers Harry’s absence when 1D collected their Global Success award at the Brits 2014; it was a stressful few seconds. The other four boys looked totally lost until Harry arrived on stage. They could barely function without him. This shows it more than anything: One Direction just couldn’t be One Direction without Harry Styles.

There you have it: 22 times Harry was the glue of One Direction. Harry is such an important member of the band; he’s just the gift that keeps on giving, isn’t he? And we all know 1D wouldn’t be the same without him.

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