22 Times Harry Styles Made Fans Smile

A lot of times, as soon as a Directioner sets their eyes on the curly-haired member of One Direction, a huge grin spreads across their cheeks. It’s hard not to smile when staring at Harry Styles; he’s just all-around wonderful.

Still, there are those special circumstances where you’re looking at him, and you just think “isn’t he lovely“?

It’s impossible to add up all those moments in time, but it’s easy to make a list. So here’s twenty-two times Harry Styles made fans smile.

1. The time (well, times) he waved around a rainbow flag

Harry’s one of the kindest, most open, and supportive celebrities out there. While him running around with a rainbow flag may mean close to nothing for an outsider, Harry’s rainbow cape means a lot to those inside the fandom. It may be a simple notion, but it shows that he supports the LGBTQ community. A lot of One Direction’s fans fall into that category, and he knows this, so his acceptance means a lot to a lot of people.

What he does also sort of creates this “safe” atmosphere for fans. Harry and the other boys do an excellent job at putting on a show, but they go a step further. They make their concerts fun, engaging, and most of all, a place of acceptance and love. Harry definitely plays a big part of all that, and even if fans don’t always get to tell him personally, it’s much appreciated by them.

2. The time (well, times) he tried to dance, but ultimately he just looked like an overgrown, adorable child

Harry Styles loves to dance at One Direction’s shows, but somehow, he just ends up looking like a really tall child. Of course, that’s not a bad thing. It’s actually something a lot of people look forward to, and it makes sense. How can you not smile when he’s spinning in circles and flipping his arms around? It’s quality entertainment.

3.  The time he looked right into every fan’s eyes in the “Little Things” music video

“Little Things” is a very important song to many of One Direction’s fans. The song brings up a lot of insecurities that their fandom deals with on a daily basis and basically says that these “flaws” are what makes them… them. That all of these pieces that they consider “blemishes” and “defects” are actually what makes them beautiful. That even if they can’t come to terms with all that, Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn will still love them endlessly.

While the song isn’t new, it still remains relevant. The music video is very intimate, and while the overall topic is kind of sad (women constantly seeming themselves as imperfect), it’s very touching. Harry Styles adds to that. When he sings “you’re perfect to me”, he sings right into the camera, making every fan feel… perfect. Even after all this time, it still means the world to a lot of people.

4. The time he hugged an all grown up baby Lux

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One Direction has been around for over five years, and sometimes it’s easy to forget that. One close look at his relationship with Lux (called Baby Lux for quite a while), Lou Teasdale’s daughter, helps you realize how much time has passed. In one of the more recent photos of him and Lux, you can see how big she’s gotten. She’s definitely not a baby anymore, and well, neither is Harry. It’s a bittersweet moment.

5. The time he refused to stand still for a photo in This Is Us

It’s hard not to laugh when you’re watching Harry in This Is Us. Throughout the entire movie, he’s making jokes and acting goofy. One of the most hilarious parts was when a photographer was trying to get a nice photo of him, but he didn’t want to pose normally. When he finally did stand correctly, he went right into another silly pose at the very last second. Typical Harry Styles.

6.  The time when he asked “What’s wrong? What’s wrong with everything else?” when a fan said he was the only source of positivity in his life

Harry has a huge heart and he never fails to show it. While many celebrities always move right past their fans, Harry tends to stop. When he was walking the red carpet, he stopped for some fans. After a quick photo, one of the girls told him “you’re the only source of positivity in my life”. Harry immediately asked what was wrong and hugged her, trying to make sure she was okay. He didn’t have to take the time to do any of that, but he did, and that really shows what kind of person he is.

7. The time he told a fan “good job getting to school this week”


We can all admit it – none of us really like to go to school. You have to wake up early, you have to study, you have to do homework. Still, somehow with only three seconds, Harry makes school a bit more bearable. In the clip, Harry tells a fan “good job getting to school this week”. Motivational, isn’t it?

8. The time (well, times) he wore nail polish

Harry Styles is constantly doing things most guys don’t. He’s breaking gender barriers, all while just being himself. At one of the OTRA shows, he was pictured with a pretty nail polish. According to Sugarscape, there’s a big possibility he painted his nail for an organization out to end domestic violence. If this is true, that’s just another thing to smile about.

9. The time he nearly missed One Direction’s award acceptance because he had to take a wee

This actually happened. When One Direction won the Global Success award, Harry didn’t come up with the rest of the boys. They didn’t know where he was, and a few moments later, Harry’s dashed onto the stage. He told the entire room he “was taking a wee”, then continued on to ask what award they had won. While it was probably embarrassing for him, even non-Directioners were laughing and smiling as they watched. How can you not?

10. The time Harry and Louis hugged at the last OTRA show

Louis and Harry have been friends since the beginning. They were constantly with each other, which is what led up to the famous ship “Larry Stylinson”. That’s dwindled down now, and a lot of the times, it seems like Harry and Louis are rather distant from each other. That’s why when this hug happened, everyone was kind of surprised.

Nearing the end of the last OTRA show, the boys all hugged each other. With them doing so, it would’ve been weird if Harry and Louis didn’t hug. Still, a lot of people were shocked when the two embraced each other for a couple moments. It’s clear that even if they’re not super giddy and in each other’s space, they’re still close friends.

11. The time (well, times) he fonded over Louis Tomlinson

You can’t include the hug without including the backstory. Louis and Harry seemed to become instant friends on The X Factor, constantly smiling and giggling at each other in the video diaries they recorded. It even came to a point where Harry admitted that Louis was his first real crush, and that it was mutual between them. Aw.

12.  The time he said he’s rooting for 1D’s fans

Once again, Harry proves how caring he is. A while back ago, Harry said that he knew some of their fans dealt with personal struggles, and that he knew that some fans have been saved by their music. He continued to say that he took that responsibility very seriously, and that he hoped they know they’re rooting for them. From his present actions – it’s easy to see that he meant what he said. It’s great to know that while Directioners support him, and he supports Directioners right back.

13. The time (well, times) Harry held up a camera

Another bittersweet moment. Through the years, Harry’s gotten a lot of pictures taken with him holding some type of camera. While each photo brings it’s own smile, putting them together brings that happiness in with a mix of sadness.

Each photo is from a different time in Harry’s life. He’s had different hairstyles, different outfits, different problems. Even with all those differences though, there is unity with these photographs. Yes, Harry has grown up and change has come with that, but he’s still Harry. He still loves singing, he’s still a momma’s boy, he still likes the photos of him holding up a camera.

Like said, bittersweet.

14. The time he wore a women’s Gucci shirt in One Direction’s “Perfect” music video

Again, Harry Styles is breaking gender barriers. In One Direction’s “Perfect” music video, he wears a silk shirt from Gucci. Even though the shirt is marketed for women, Harry looks absolutely fantastic in it. Recently, he’s been wearing a lot of outfits not specifically meant for men. He’s really making the point that men can like feminine things, just like women can like masculine things. Way to go, Harold.

15. The time he held up a sign that said #HeForShe

#HeForShe is a campaign that was introduced by Emma Watson, which focuses on bringing both genders into the fight for equality. To show his support, Harry posted this on his Twitter account following Emma Watson’s speech about it. There’s two great things about it: one, he actually posted a picture of his face online, and two (more importantly), he brought #HeForShe to all of his followers.

16. The time he spoke about love

Harry has always been very open. If he has an opinion on something, it’s likely he’ll bring it up… Definitely when it’s on an important issue, such as equality. At one of the OTRA shows, he said “We like to celebrate love in all forms… Love is love… We believe love is something that should be celebrated with open arms”.

This again goes with how Harry makes One Direction’s concerts feel safe for the fans there. He doesn’t have to say these things, but yet here he is, doing just that.

17. The time he fell at OTRA San Diego

Okay, so nobody smiles when Harry Styles is in pain. Luckily, this tumble didn’t seem to cause him any crazy injuries. Plus, it’s the most hilarious fall ever. Harry walked while dragging his microphone stand, when suddenly it just seemed to pull him back, leading him to fall. He remained on the ground for a little bit, only for Niall to start laughing at him.

If he had gotten hurt, this moment wouldn’t have caused any joy. But it didn’t, so yeah, it’s ridiculously great. Definitely with Niall cackling in the background.

18. The time he said “not that important” to Liam’s response to the traits he looks for in a girl

Harry and Liam were answering questions, when the question “Four favorite traits you look for in a girl?” was given to them. The first thing Liam mentioned was “female”. The interviewer and Harry laughed, but it was doubtful that she or Liam was expecting what he said next. Harry, a smile still on his face, said “not that important”. As in, his perfect partner might not necessarily have to be a woman. Of course his sexuality can’t be assumed from this, but it was still a great thing for Harry to throw in there.

19. The time he called Directioners “the greatest team mates”

One Direction does a lot for Directioners. They put on these incredible concerts, they release this fantastic music, and they always go out of their way to show their appreciation. In the same breath, Directioners do a lot for One Direction. They attend their shows, they listen to their songs on repeat, and they support them in any way they can. Together, they really are a team, and Harry recognized that. The admiration isn’t one-sided, but instead shared. Not all fandoms run that way.

20. The time Harry hit his high note in “Drag Me Down” in One Direction’s Carpool Karaoke with James Corden

One Direction’s carpool karaoke was absolutely hilarious and amazing. While all of their vocals are spot-on during the drive, “Drag Me Down” brings extra greatness. After James Corden raps, Harry cuts in with his mega awesome high note. It really shows how much he’s truly capable of. After that, he does this little scream that may or may not have been intentional, but nevertheless hilarious. Plus, the entire time, you have Harry squished in the middle of the backseat. It’s good stuff all around.

21. The time he auditioned for The X Factor UK

Isn’t he lovely? Isn’t he wonderful?

Harry’s audition is definitely lovely, on top of wonderful. Looking at where him and the rest of the boys are now, it’s always great to take a step back and look at where they came from. Harry was the lead singer of White Eskimo, a band he began with his friends. He also worked at a bakery. For his audition, he decided to sing “Isn’t She Lovely?” by Stevie Wonder. Who knew the boy from picturesque Holmes Chapel would end up making music history?

22. The time everyone realized that he’s not the boy he used to be; he’s now a confident, lovely, incredible, grown up man.

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He was sixteen years old when he first walked up on that stage, auditioning for The X Factor UK. Since then, he’s been growing up in front of us. He entered in as this shy, quiet boy who couldn’t take the hate towards him, but he’s moved past that. He’s now this opinionated, wild (the good type of wild), man who only focuses on love. He does what makes him happy, instead of sticking to unspoken guidelines.

That should make every Directioner smile, because he didn’t gain this confidence from nowhere. The support from his family, his friends, and his fans surely helped to make him the person he’s become.

If you want to read more about Harry’s new-found confidence, read “Harry Styles: A Beautiful Coming-Of-Age Story”.

And as stated many times before, Harry is a wonderful, incredible, and inspirational person. He should be looked up to, because if everyone was as kind as Harry Styles, the world would be a much nicer place.


Happy birthday, Harry. We all hope your birthday is as sweet and wonderful as you are. Thank you for the smiles.

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Written by Jessica Brown

A college graduate who enjoys watching Supernatural, attending conventions and concerts, taking photos, and writing to the masses. Email me at jesslaurenb@yahoo.com.