22 Times Harry Styles Mimicked Fans

We love watching Harry Styles perform. Known for his smooth note changes and eccentric dance moves, Harry always keeps the crowd entertained. For his own entertainment, Styles often keeps an eye out on the crowd and teases fans by mimicking them.

In honor of his birthday we’ve put together 22 times when Harry has mimicked fans and put a smile on our face.

22. When he teased a fan for texting


Texting during a 1D performance?! Shame, shame.

21. When he mocked a fan’s throwing abilities


At least they tried.

20.  When he pretend to adjust his top


It’s hard to dance and make sure everything stays where it should!

19. When he copied a fan’s minor freak out


We would have had the same reaction if Harry Styles was staring us in the face!

18. When he copied a fans expression


Harry with a scrunched up face is our favorite.

17. When he decided to head-bang


Remember when we thought this WWA hairstyle was long? *Sigh*

16. When he mocked the security guard


Does the security guard know he’s at a One Direction concert? No moping allowed!

15. When he held onto the essentials


Hey, jumping isn’t always so simple, Styles!

14. When he stopped to text


We’ve been through this, haven’t we?

13. When he gave us his best fan scream


Is there any other proper reaction to seeing Harry?

12. When he showed the effects of excessive dancing


The struggle is, indeed, real.

11. When he mocked a fan’s lack of rhythm ft. American accent


Multitasking isn’t all that simple!

10. When he needed some support


We do what we have to do, Styles.

9. When OTRA became a water show


That hair flip, though…

8. When he giggled on stage



Do we really sound like that?

7. When he copied a fan’s dance moves



He really missed his calling, didn’t he?

6. When he mocked a fans enthusiasm


This is our excited dance!

5. When he showcased his dance moves


You said it yourself, Harry, you’re a terrible, terrible dancer.

4. When he entered a dance-off


You win this time, Harry.

3. When his hip didn’t lie


Was this dance in the music video?

2. When he did a body roll


Words fail us here.

1. When he was every single one of us


Cute as a button.


Harry Styles is an absolute joy to watch on stage; there’s never a dull moment when it comes to Harry. We always appreciate his enthusiasm, his talent, and who he is as a person.

We love our long-haired fellow, and we’re having so much fun celebrating Harry’s birthday week!

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Written by CelebMix