22 Times Harry Styles Showed us the Importance of Family

Harry Styles has a heart of gold, and it’s clear that it’s so so strong and loving because he’s been blessed enough to have incredible women by his side.  Anne Twist is not only Harry’s mum – she’s his biggest fan, and Gemma has always proven herself to be a very close second.  From day one Harry has shown One Direction fans the significance of a close family bond, Anne and Gemma have done the same.

Together, and separately, Harry, Anne, and Gemma have helped charities and helped families and individuals.  They’ve been pillars of strength for those in need and signals of hope for people who felt like they couldn’t find a light.  Anne frequently posts inspirational messages through photos on her Instagram that remind people daily to be thankful for what they’ve got and to always put good out into the world.   Gemma writes for a column that frequently promotes positivity and good life lessons for young adults.  She also encourages people to embrace who they are and lives life her own way.  Harry speaks of the importance of the same way of life as often as possible – taking to his social media accounts and sparing time at concerts to thank everyone he comes in contact with and reminding people that it’s nice to be nice.

We’re celebrating Harry’s birthday all week and decided there was no better way to highlight how important Harry’s relationship is with the two most important women in his life with some of our favorite photos and gifs!

22. They don’t miss an opportunity to show off their personalities

22 Times Harry Styles Showed us the Importance of Family 1

Harry doesn’t miss the holidays with his family, no matter how busy he gets, and he sure doesn’t miss a chance to take silly photos with them either.  We love the non traditional photos of these three just as much as their posed smiling ones.  This happens to be one of the cutest – holiday cheer anyone?

21. When he helped his mum with the wine22 Times Harry Styles proved That There's No Love like a Mother's Love 7

There are only a few things greater in this world than a nice glass of wine.  Harry obviously thought his mum was so incredible that she deserved the entire bottle!

20. When Harry blushed when Anne said he’d always be her baby

Anne’s love for Harry truly knows no bounds and while most young men may shrug away from mum’s affection, Harry truly absorbs all the love Anne has to give to him and it makes our hearts absolutely melt.  Anne told Harry that no matter how insanely famous he may become, and how old he gets, he’ll always be her baby.

19. When he supported Gemma at her graduation

22 Times Harry Styles Showed us the Importance of Family 2

Gemma’s education was very important to her, which made it important to Harry too.  This photo of the two is one of the cutest we’ve seen, their sibling dynamic truly shows in this snap and you can tell how silly they enjoy being in each other’s company!

 18. When Harry made Anne so proud she thought her heart could burst (so like, every day)

Harry has made all of us proud, but no one more proud than his mum.  You can tell that when she speaks of how proud she is of Harry it’s not just for his talent, it’s not just for his song writing or his beautiful voice.  Anne is proud of Harry for the man that he’s become, for the person he’s grown up as.  Harry’s heart is warm, loving, respectful, and passionate – it takes a special person to hold onto those values in today’s society and Harry has not only held onto them, he’s embraced them.

17. Harry spends his down time with his sister22 Times Harry Styles Showed us the Importance of Family 1

In the time Harry has off the road he always makes sure he has time to spend with his family!  This is probably one of the best sibling photos out there – Harry’s facial expression kills us!

16. When Gemma said this about Harry

22 Times Harry Styles Showed us the Importance of Family 6

Gemma summed up basically the entire world when she said that Harry is her favorite human being – we have to say he’s ours too.

15. When this super cute snap of Anne and Harry made our hearts melt

22 Times Harry Styles Showed us the Importance of Family 2

Anne took to twitter after one of One Direction’s shows and posted this sweet photo and a message of how proud she is of Harry.  We love how he’s holding his mum’s hand and smiling so big you can see his dimples!

14. When Harry and Anne were making lunch and Harry thought they were a great team

Anne was talking about how Harry is just like anyone else, he raids the cabinets and makes a mess.  He took this moment to help his mum cut a sandwich and turn it into room for a quick giggle.  You can tell that Harry and Anne have the type of relationship where even time in the kitchen together is meaningful and funny.  This is one of our favorites!

13. When Harry invited Gemma to  This Is Us

22 Times Harry Styles Showed us the Importance of Family 5

Harry invited Gemma along to celebrate the This Is Us premiere and the two of them (and Des) took silly photo booth snaps!  It was an incredible night, something for Harry to be very proud of himself for, and him bringing his sister along to help celebrate showed their strong bond and how much fun they have together.  Being on the road must be hard, but having such a strong support system from the people who love you is awesome, and Gemma loves Harry so much!

12. When Harry and Anne were this precious and our hearts melted

This was after a conversation where Anne told Harry he’d always be her baby and the emotion you see on both of their faces is indescribable.  You can look at Harry and see how lucky he feels to be Anne’s son, and you can see the pride beaming off of her face to be not just a mum, but Harry’s mum.

11. When he took Anne on holiday

22 Times Harry Styles proved That There's No Love like a Mother's Love 9

Some young adults go on holiday to get time away from their families – Harry used his recent trip to St. Barts to not only give himself, but his mum a break too!  While family vacations certainly aren’t a thing that’s unheard of, it’s still sweet to see his bond with Anne be so strong that he didn’t want to experience this trip without her.

10. This cute shot of Harry and Anne drinking tea22 Times Harry Styles proved That There's No Love like a Mother's Love 3

There’s nothing better than a heart to heart with your mum over tea or coffee.  Anne posted this cute snap while drinking a warm beverage with Harry and we love it – they both look so cozy!

9. When Harry thanked Anne for letting him borrow her womb

In one of Harry’s funnier moments of showing his affection, he thanked Anne for letting him borrow her womb.  Harry may have been making a silly sentiment with this but he also realizes that he wouldn’t be where he is now without his mum.

8. When Harry and Anne looked this happy together before we even knew who he was22 Times Harry Styles proved That There's No Love like a Mother's Love 6

Did we say already that Anne is Harry’s biggest fan?  This is just more proof – before the world knew Harry, she did, and she loved him as if he was already a star.  You can tell that their bond has only grown closer as Harry’s grown in age, but this little glimpse into their bond before he was famous makes our hearts absolutely melt!

7. Harry loved showing off his mum’s support22 Times Harry Styles proved That There's No Love like a Mother's Love 5

This photo is adorable, look at how young and sweet Harry is!  This is before the big stages, the sold out tour dates, the records, the singles – before the journey.  Harry was a doe eyed kid chasing his dream and his mum was making sure she did everything she could to help show her support!

6. When Harry was a protective brother – even on stage

22 Times Harry Styles Showed us the Importance of Family 4

Harry was on stage performing and still made sure he took a moment to call his sister out while on a date and make sure she was behaving herself.  This moment made the crowd, and those of us watching at home, laugh – in the same breath – it was cute.  Harry  may have been joking with the latter half his comment, but you can tell that his protective personality knows no bounds when it comes to Gemma!

5. When Harry was sweet and supportive at Anne’s wedding

22 Times Harry Styles proved That There's No Love like a Mother's Love 4

Harry was obviously a big part of Anne’s wedding, there’s no way he wouldn’t have been.   The sweetest part was however that at most weddings, the bride is the one who beams the brightest, on Anne’s big day, it was Harry.  You could see the love and appreciation on his face that his mum had found the perfect man to spend the rest of her life with, and the man who would help complete their family.

4. When Harry looked at Anne like she hung the moon

During the Story Of My Life music video the lads all remade old family photos and during this specific one we got a glimpse of how much Harry truly loves his mum.  It’s in rare moments that we see the boys get to connect this deeply with their loved ones, and this was a gift to all of us.  Harry truly looks at Anne like she hung the moon, and in his eyes, she did.  There’s truly nothing more sweet than this.

3. When Harry said he’d been in love with his mummy

Harry is definitely a mummy’s boy and it’s one of our favorite things about him.  When an interviewer asked Harry if he’s ever been in love his sweet reply was with the woman who’s always been there for him, and will aways be the first – and biggest – love of his life.  What a sweetheart.

2. When Gemma sent this tweet for #HarryAppreciationDay

22 Times Harry Styles Showed us the Importance of Family 3

This may be a way that Gemma showed off the importance of a close sibling bond, but we couldn’t make this list without including it.  This quote is one of the best things that’s ever been said about Harry.  It’s simple and all encompassing – Harry truly is quite good.  It’s lovely to see the people that see a different side of Harry than we do appreciate him so so much.

1. When Harry posted this sweet message to his mum and we all got emotional

22 Times Harry Styles proved That There's No Love like a Mother's Love 1

Harry posted what appeared to be a greeting card with this message written on it with the caption ‘Hi mum.’ on his Instagram.  Harry definitely has seen his mum as being the provider, the nurturer, the one who kept his whole family strong.  This message was short, simple, but extremely meaningful.  Harry knows that the king isn’t always a man, sometimes it’s a woman with lovely dark hair and kind eyes that he calls mum.

We think the entire One Direction fanbase is pretty lucky to get to see how strong the bond is between Harry and his family, and we think we could all learn a lot from all of them.

Be nice to nice!

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