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22 years since Kurt Cobain’s death: His most memorable quotes

“I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I’m not.”

22 years ago, Nirvana’s lead singer and rockstar legend Kurt Cobain, took his own life in Seattle, WA – leaving the world in such a stand still.

It’s with certainty, that Cobain’s death left many puzzled, heartbroken, and even a bit confused. His behavioral issues remained fairly normal just days before his body was found; but that just simply concludes how easy it is for someone to fake a smile, even when they’re trying their hardest to fight the demons inside their head.

None the less, 22 years have gone by and Kurt’s loyal fans have yet to miss an anniversary. Many leave bouquets of flowers on a memorial bench dedicated to the influential singer; remembering his epic mark in history. Kurt Cobain's Most Memorable Quotes 1Join us as we honor the legend himself, and his most memorable quotes.

About Himself/Life

  • “Nobody dies a virgin, life f*cks us all.” 
  • “I’m not gay. Although I wish I were, just to piss off the homophobes.”
  • “There’s good in all of us, and I think I simply love people too much. So much, that it makes me feel too fucking sad.”
  • “I’m so happy because today I found my friends. They’re in my head.”
  • “I really miss being able to blend in with people.”
  • “I like to have strong opinions with nothing to back them up with besides my primal sincerity. I like sincerity. I lack sincerity.”
  • “If you’re a really mean person, then you’re going to come back as a fly and eat poop.”
  • “I mean, I like to be passionate and sincere. But I also like to have fun and act like a dork. Geeks unite.”
  • “Before I die, many will die with me. They’ll deserve it. See you in hell.”
  • “There’s nothing better than having a baby. I’ve always loved children. I used to work summers at the YMCA and be in charge of like, 30 preschool kids. I knew that when I had a child, I’d be overwhelmed… and it’s true. I can’t tell you how much my attitude has changed since we’ve got Frances. Holding my baby is the best drug in the world.” Kurt Cobain's Most Memorable Quotes 3
  • “The duty of youth is to challenge corruption.”
  • “I’m a much happier guy than a lot of people think I am.” 
  • “Practice makes perfect. But nobody’s perfect, so why practice?”
  • “The worst crime is faking it.”
  • “It’s better to burn out than to fade away.”
  • “I like to make people feel happy and superior in their reaction towards my appearance.”

    “I knew I was different. I thought that I might be gay or something because I couldn’t identify with any of the guys at all. None of them liked art or music, they just wanted to fight and get laid. It was many years ago but it gave me this real hatred for the average American macho male.”

  • “I like to complain and do nothing to make things better.”
  • “A friend is nothing but a known enemy.” 
  • “I have to admit, I’ve found myself doing the same things that a lot of other rockstars do or are forced to do… which is not being able to respond to mail, not being able to keep up on current music. I’m pretty much locked away a lot. The outside world is very foreign to me.”

    “Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you already are.”

About His CareerKurt Cobain's Most Memorable Quotes 4

  • “Sometimes I wish I had taken the Bob Dylan route and sang songs where my voice would not go out on me every night, so I could have a career if I wanted.”
  • “Punk is musical freedom. It’s saying, doing, and playing what you want. In Webster’s terms, ‘Nirvana’ means freedom of pain, suffering, and the external world. That’s pretty close to my definition of punk rock.”
  • “If it’s illegal to rock and roll, then throw my ass in jail!”
  • “I’m left-handed. It’s not very easy to find reasonably priced, high quality, left-handed guitars. But out of all the guitars in the whole world, the Fender Mustang is my favorite. I’ve only owned two of them.”

“My body is is damaged from music in two ways; I have a red irritation in my stomach, it’s psychosomatic and is caused by all the anger and the screaming. I have scoliosis, where the curvature of your spine is bent – the weight of my guitar has made it worse. I’m always in pain and that adds to the anger in our music.”

  •  “I don’t blame the average seventeen year old punk rock kid for calling me a sellout. I understand that. And maybe when they grow up a little bit, they’ll realize there’s more things to life than living out your rock n’ roll identity so righteously.”
  • “I wanted to have the adoration of John Lennon but the anonymity of Ringo Starr. I didn’t want to be a frontman. I just wanted to be back there and still be a rock and roll star at the same time.”

Kurt Cobain's Most Memorable Quotes 5

“I didn’t know how to deal with success. If there was a Rockstar 101, I would have liked to take it. It might have helped me.”

  • “I actually never wanted to sing… I just wanted to play rhythm guitar. Hide in the back somewhere and just play.”
  • “I never listen to Nevermind. I haven’t listened to it since we put it out. I’m embarrassed by it. That says something. It’s closer to a Motley Crue record than it is a punk rock record.”
  • “My songs have always been frustrating themes, relationships that I’ve had. And now that I’m in love, I expect it to be really happy. Or at least there won’t be half as much anger as there was.”
  • “I’ve never been a very prolific person. When creativity flows, it just flows. I find myself scribbling on little notepads and pieces of loose paper, which results in a very small portion of my writings to ever show up in true form.”
  • “I would like to get rid of the homophobes, sexists, and racists in our audience. I know you’re out there and it really bothers me.” 
  • “We sound like the Bay City Rollers after an assault by Black Sabbath. And we vomit onstage better than anyone.”
  • “I just can’t believe anyone would start a band just to make the scene and be cool and have chicks. I just can’t believe it.”

If we could, we would carry on with the consistency of Kurt’s intelligence for weeks. Because unlike the world of Hollywood nowadays, he radiated a great sense of humanity. He gave those who often got lost in the shadows of others, a voice – and he never sacrificed the person that he was, for anyone or anything.

There is something to be extremely admired about Kurt Cobain.

“If you die then you’re completely happy and your soul somewhere lives on. I’m not afraid of dying. Total peace after death, becoming someone else is the best hope I’ve got.”

We hope you’re resting easy, and finally found the hope you were looking for. Kurt Cobain's Most Memorable Quotes 6

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Written by Victoria Christiano

An iced coffee enthusiast who loves to write and take photos.